Winning the Battle with Fibromyalgia – How I was Healed! (pt 1)

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3 Parts to Freedom From Fibromyalgia 


1. Physical


If you struggle with fibromyalgia, start doing what you can in the physical immediately!  This is the easiest one to attack because it simply involves adding in high powered-nutrients that will combat the stress, fatigue, and pain.


The other two parts may take more time to work through, so my philosophy was, “While I’m working out the stuff in my head and heart, I’m going to start feeding my body the right things so I can make some progress!”  My “magic” concoction was actually very simple and surprisingly effective!!  I was desperate and would have eaten a cow if you told me that would help me.


Thankfully, it was way easier than eating a cow!


My daily supplements included:


  • Shaklee Vitalizer (the foundational nutrients EVERYONE needs in a handy 30 day pack)
  • Shaklee 180 Protein (or there is Energizing)
  • Shaklee Vivix (This was big for me!  It reverses aging at the cellular level. This disease causes cell deterioration and premature aging of cells, thus resulting in all the symptoms.  Vivix is proven to reverse the 4 key mechanisms of cellular aging. I noticed a huge difference)


As I learned more, I discovered that B and C are the Stress Vitamins (they help protect your body from Stress reactions, but are used up quickly under stress). I was VERY deficient in both due to lots of stress and major trauma. Deficiency in these can do a major number on a gals hormones too, which was half my problem!


Some may not need this extra boost, but I did.  I started taking 15 Sustained Release C(3, 5 x a day) and 10 B Complex (2, 5 x a day) and that was it.  I became a NEW person!!  The solution for me was SO simple!!! My body just wasn’t getting enough of the vitamins that would protect me from the terrible effects of stress (stress releases cortisol which in excess is highly destructive to the body).


Start small and work up, or go all-in like I did if you’re desperate. You will feel better!




2. Spiritual


During this journey, I really began to understand that the “tongue has the power of life and death.”  I’d spent a lifetime speaking, believing, and thinking so many negative thoughts that my brain (and body) were toxic as a result.  I’d been speaking death over myself…almost literally.  This little truth was so freeing to me.  As I changed my speech, thoughts, and beliefs, I began to see the positive results even in my physical body!


Another aspect that brought much healing to me was that I started to choose to believe God DID actually heal people. I grew up in an environment that really didn’t believe these things, but I had seen a friend healed of Muscular Dystrophy, a deaf man’s ears opened, and enough other occurrences with my own two eyes that I’d be crazy not to believe!  (looking back, I believe the reason I’d never seen this before was because I didn’t believe. I’d made up my mind about what God does and doesn’t do and therefore missed out on a huge part of Who He is!!)



3. Emotional


The body oftentimes will manifest the state of the soul. Ever heard the old proverb, “Bitterness rots the bones”?  Bitterness and unforgiveness have been scientifically proven to cause diseases such as arthritis and even cancer.  Unforgiveness is a poison that corrodes the person who holds onto it, not the one whom we are angry with. I’m sure most of us know that our bitterness always hurts us more than it hurts the other person.


This was so true in my own life. I had much anger that I’d held on to for years from childhood experiences that were out of my control. And, I hate to say, I had a lot of anger and unforgiveness towards God that I also had to work through.




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  • Thank you, Jenni for your powerful story about both your physical health and spiritual health!! The relationship between the two is what many people miss. Thank you for your consistent testimony to how God wants to work things out in us! God bless you and your family and may He continue to enlarge your territory .

    April Couant 20.08.2013
    • You’re welcome April. Thank you for your sweet words! We receive that!

      njadmin 01.09.2013
  • Very interesting read as I am an individual with fibromyalgia. It was more interesting to read about you conquering this disease but credited it much to God and your spiritual beliefs. I definitely believe God can heal and have witnessed it in my life. I have had weight gain in the past 20 years (now 65), and struggle with walking, etc. due to pain. I also have two bulging disc in my back. I continue to live my life to the fullest, not giving in to pain. I travel a lot, but often times come home to days in bed from pushing my limits. Anyway, not giving up and doing things I enjoy. What products do you recommend for me pertinent to fibromyalgia and weight gain? FYI, I do not have headaches.

    Brenda 28.02.2014
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