When You’re Struggling to Stay Consistent with Working Out

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Sticking with any workout program is not an easy task.  So many things are vying for your time every day and life can get in the way.   Especially right now as summer is kicking off.


So whether you’re “all in” with a particular workout routine or find that you have “fallen off the bandwagon” of exercise just remember that beating yourself up or reasoning with yourself certainly won’t get you off the couch and moving.  It just keeps you down longer.  If today has been a bad day for you, stop what you’re doing right now and “just do it.”


Because you can do it! 


Move your body, jog in place, go for a run, or do a few BURSTClub sets to get your heart rate pumping.


But don’t let negativity, fear, or distraction keep you from investing just a few minutes into yourself today. You will feel better because you did!


If you are struggling to stay consistent…


1. Get Focused:


What do you want?  I mean, really want?  Is it to feel better about yourself? More confidence?  A different size jeans?  To have more energy?

Sometimes we hold back on voicing our goals because we are afraid of failure.  It’s not about failure or succeeding perfectly.  It’s about taking steps forward (even if those steps feel like baby steps) towards being at a better place tomorrow…then the next day….then the next day.

Focus on where you want to be and set a goal time frame to be there.  Then bite it off in small chunks. Just focus on the next 7 days and you’ll be surprised how great you will feel by the end of next week about your accomplishments!!


2. Get up Early:*


I know you are groaning and have several thoughts running through your head right now –


“I work too early and can’t possibly wake up any earlier.”
“I’m not a morning person.”
“I can’t workout until I have my coffee.”


While all those may seem true, if you will push through the morning fog to do your BURSTClub workout first thing, it will truly set the tone for your day.  It takes 15 minutes from start to finish or on your really time-crunched days do a BURSTCore workout – that’s just 5 minutes from the minute you push “play” on your BURSTTraxx until you’re done.   You will feel better about yourself mentally and physically and hey, you may just find you don’t even need that cup of coffee after all!

* If you really can not workout first thing in the morning just be sure to find a consistent time each day and don’t allow distractions to rob you of those precious few minutes for yourself.


3. Get a Buddy:


Tell a friend or spouse what your goal is. Remember, leave the fear of failure behind. Put it out there with a friend and then ask them to join you on the journey.  Everything’s better with a partner.  No man or woman was created to be an island.  We need people to hold us accountable.

Our Partner Premium accounts have a shared calendar that you and a buddy can use to track each others’ progress.  Or simply send a text message to a friend or post on Facebook when you’ve completed your workout.  Including others in the process will dispel the feelings that isolation brings.


Keep BURSTing!








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