What's the Purpose of a "Sit-up"?

//What's the Purpose of a "Sit-up"?

We often hear ads for how to get a 6-pack or washboard abs.  Perhaps you have gone on a get-ripped-abs-quick kick and done hundreds of sit-ups by your bed at night…hoping to trim that waistline.  But have you ever wondered how a sit-up is really helping you?  Or been disappointed when you didn’t see the fat melt away after doing all those sit-ups?

Sit-ups increase your range of motion which forces your abdominal muscles to work harder and longer. So contrary to popular belief that sit-ups alone will burn that excess fat off your midsection, they are primarily an excellent way to strengthen your core – both your abdominal and lower back muscles, which are vital for optimal performance in every day life!

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