What's on Your French Fries?

//What's on Your French Fries?

French fries…America loves them.   Major fast food establishments strive to make sure their fries are crispy.  Who wants soggy fries?   A crispy fry equals value for the store.

Manufacturers use coatings on the fries to help fried foods stay crisp, making possible no-wilt french fries, which can remain under a heat lamp for 20 to 30 minutes.

Some french fries are coated with a protein substance. Some have a clear starch coating, which may contain as many as five kinds of starch. The goal is to control water evaporation during frying. If the water cooks out too fast, the film coating tears and the french fries suffer. The coating allows uncooked fries to be frozen and thawed. What gives the fries their crispiness is when this protein substance is combined with the naturally occurring sugar in the potato and then heated.

Unfortunately this combination of sugar, protein, and high heated fat produces a carcinogen (cancer causing substance). It is probably a good idea to avoid all store bought French fries.  One good alternative is to make delicious homemade fries that are either baked or cooked in coconut oil.  Coconut oil is one of the only oils that, when heated, does not turn carcinogenic.


  • Have you tried them cooked in coconut oil? I LOVE coconut oil!!! For everything!! SO good!!!

    Kelly 12.11.2009
    • Yes! We actually made some the other night out of organic potatoes and I cooked them in coconut oil! They were delicious! Fries are much better homemade…no icky coatings to worry about! Thanks for the comment!

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