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Maybe you have had some questions or concerns about soy protein.


Perhaps you are frustrated and fed up with all the conflicting information out there.  I know I’m treading on “thin ice” as this seems to be a controversial subject that people like to get heated over.  I have no desire to start a debate. I simply thought I’d share a few thoughts on our own personal journey with choosing a protein for our family.


We know that we are not getting all of the amino acids daily from our food and thus it’s necessary to supplement our diets.  Our family feels better, looks better, and is healthier than we’ve ever been since daily incorporating soy protein.  Our decision for which protein to use was based on:


  • Experience
  • Research
  • Testimonies


Experience has shown me that after 12 years on soy protein that I feel better than I have in my whole life.  Experience also showed me that my brother in laws’ 38 cancerous tumors disappeared after being on soy protein and other supplements.


Which brings me to the second criteria…Research.  My brother in law didn’t use just any old soy protein from the store…and thank God!! That would’ve done him more harm than good!!!   Nearly all store bought soy proteins do not meet the 7 criteria below and thus are more harmful to your body than anything and totally defeat the purpose of you using it!  The only brand we trust when it comes to protein is Shaklee because we have personally seen how it’s radically changed our family’s health (from cancer, to migraines, healthy pregnancies, hormone issues being regulated, to weight loss and increased immunity). 


My kids, who have been on Shaklee’s soy protein since they were 4-6 months old, have never been to a doctor a day in their lives….and they are now 9, 7 and 4.    So when I talk about, and am a proponent for, “soy protein” the only one I am talking about is Shaklee’s.  I wouldn’t touch any other because I know the stringent standards this company has and what they go through to ensure that all their protein is kept alive (like food) and has zero toxins, chemicals, or additives.  And none of the soy beans used are EVER Genetically Modified (GMO).


A lot of the “anti-soy research” (if you can call it research) came from a “study” (if you can even call it a study!) years ago where so called scientists injected lab rats with soy protein and they got cancer.  The PROBLEM was (that they neglected to mention in their findings) that they injected enough soy protein in the rats to equal you and I drinking 1 protein shake every 30 seconds for 24 hours!!!


You or I would never, in our right minds, consume ANY food product (even broccoli) every 30 seconds for 24 hours!! We’d all have some serious issues!


No wonder they got cancer. It jacked up their whole immune and digestive system and turned the body on itself.  And, the type of protein that they fed the rats was not natural, but GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) so it was toxic.


Thus, the big soy scare is not really a scare at all if you are using the RIGHT type of soy, which I only know of Shaklee having.  There may be other companies out their that hold to the standards this company does of 350 quality control test on every ingredient every time, processing their soy to keep it alive rather than heating it, and washing it with water vs. alcohol, but I know of none.


Dr. Shaklee started with the soy bean 56 years ago based on his research of what this super food does in the body (he too had cancer from radiation poising so what he was a proponent for came from personal use).  If it is still being used by the company 56 years later as the #1 seller AND they’ve invested nearly 350 million in research AND lives have been changed for the last 56 years, then I think I’ll trust their stance verses some wacko who does a study on rats (which Shaklee NEVER tests on animals…only what the products do in real human beings bodies).


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  • Great post.

    Thanks Oates Family! 🙂

    Chris 17.04.2012
  • Very well done! Thank you! You made my day! I should go and make myself a shaklee soy protein drink.

    James A. Kramer 18.04.2012
  • Excellent info & I couldn’t agree w/ you more. I’m loving your posts!! Thanks 🙂

    Greg Moore 24.04.2012
  • I am 78 years old & I have been drinking Shaklee Protein for 20 years & I am a very healthy woman. An RN nurse sold it to me. All I take are Shaklee vitamins & no prescription drugs. I contribute my good health to Shaklee vitamins. I am partial Vegetarian.

    Beverly 25.06.2012
    • Thank you for sharing Beverly!! So glad you are living proof that it works and for so long!! Way to go on taking care of your health.

  • There are a lot of people in my area going on the high protein, high fat diets. They are cutting out all grains and dairy. Then once a week, they binge on buffets and anything they want. Bacon and eggs all day every day if they want. I know it isn’t healthy, and some are losing weight. Comments?

    Patti 16.08.2012
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