What You Need to Know About Soy: Personal Testimonies

//What You Need to Know About Soy: Personal Testimonies

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While I don’t have all the answers, I do know that my brother in law’s 38 cancerous tumors disappeared after being on Shaklee soy heavily for a year and a half; I have no hormone issues after “upping” my intake of Shaklee soy; and my husband still has not grown “man boobs.” 🙂


Oh, yeah…that’s another one of the arguments as to why NOT to use soy.


I’ve been waiting after the last 13 years of him using Shaklee soy to see those man boobs appear, but he has just gotten more sexy and ripped. So that’s a fallacy too.


Stories and Personal Testimonies were another big deal for me.


BurstShoot-65As I started on Shaklee’s soy protein back in my Division 1 soccer days, I immediately noticed a difference. But then I started to hear about hundreds of others who, over the past 56 years, have seen huge life-change and dramatic results by adding this healthy protein into their diet.


The irony of this all is, soy has been given such a bad rap that some who need it the most due to health issues they have (i.e. cancer, thyroid issues, hormone imbalance) have been told by very loving and well-meaning practitioners to avoid it like the plague.  This actually makes me sad because I’ve seen first hand how it has helped to give people their lives back.


Let’s face it…if you don’t have your health, what kind of life do you have?   We all want to feel better, live longer, and enjoy life to the fullest.  This was the quickest and simplest way to add something in on a daily basis that has radically changed my body and health.


I hope my journey will help some of you who are searching for answers to find what you’re looking for.  The 7 Criteria below helped me greatly in evaluating which protein to use for myself and my family…


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