Vitamin D Study

//Vitamin D Study

Studies are showing that the greatest way to boost the immune system is by upping your Vitamin D consumption.  In sunny climates or during the summer months we rarely see the flu rearing its ugly head.  However, with the dawn of winter comes less sun, and therefore, less Vitamin D and therefore more occurrence of the flu.

Spending over 250 dollars,  Shaklee Corporation led the way in scientific research.  For over 30 years, their research has resulted in 100 scientific papers, 90 of the in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  They did some incredible Vitamin D research which resulted in all Shaklee increasing the amount of Vitamin D in all of their multivitamins, all the way down to the infant multi!.  Here is a snapshot of the research.

1. The LandMark Study

Usage Patterns, Health, and Nutritional Status of Long-Term Multiple Dietary Supplement

Users: A Cross-Sectional Study, originally published in Nutrition Journal, was a collaboration with researchers from the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Public Health.

This study was a landmark, first-of-its-kind study that supports the potential benefits of long-term supplementation.  A test group was followed for 20 years.  Group one took Shaklee supplements.  Group 2 took other leading supplements, typically synthetically made.  And group 3 took no supplements at all. Cal-State Berkeley’s findings were astonishing at the end of 20 years.  Shaklee supplement users were in markedly better health. And in some tests, those who took no supplement at all were in better health than those who took synthetic vitamins!(So in other words, beware of what type of vitamin you are buying!)

Those 65 and older who were not taking supplements were on an average of 19.6 prescription drugs!!  Those on other brands of vitamins who were age 50-65 were on an average of 7.6 and Shaklee users over 65 were on an average of .6 prescription drugs!!

2. The Vitamin D Study

The results from the Landmark Study included an interesting finding related to blood levels of vitamin D. Long-term Shaklee users had significantly higher blood levels of Vitamin D while the amount of Vitamin D found in most Americans was far lower than the optimal amount needed to support optimal health, according to Vitamin D researchers.

To read the rest of the study click here and look for the heading entitled Sept. 2009: Shaklee Scientific Research Updates!


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