Understanding Basic G Labeling

//Understanding Basic G Labeling

Shaklee Basic G is an amazing non-toxic Germicide that we have used for years. One question we have heard over the years is in regards to the labeling on the bottle.  “If it is non-toxic, why are there warnings on the bottle?”

Per EPA standards, bottles must be labeled according to what is IN the bottle.  Now, remember, more than 80,000 products are not registered with the EPA or labeled correctly.  This is a plus for Shaklee and their reputation for integrity in that it is registered and labeled correctly.  So when it comes to the concentrated form of Basic G, if what is IN the bottle were to be consumed, it is toxic by EPA standards.  However, it is not nearly as toxic as other cleaners. However, in it’s properly diluted form (1/8 tsp. per 16 oz.) it is completely non-toxic and not harmful at all.

Shaklee did not put it in the Get Clean line b/c the advertising of that line is Non Toxic. While Basic G is non-toxic when diluted it is not in it’s concentrated form thus they left it out of the line.
It is strong smelling in its concentrated form but I have cleaned with it for 11 years…even while pregnant.  I’ve used it on my floors, showers, toilets, and counters or when I cut raw meats.  Another amazing this is we have just discovered 2 new uses!  Because it’s a germicide/fungicide, our kids all 3 had Athletes Foot. We sprayed dilluted Basic g on their feet every night for 2 or 3 nights and it completely went away. A friend of ours got rid of warts with it. Another friend got rid of fungus on a toe.  And we have had amazing success with a skin issue my husband has had that they say is not internal but comes from something in his sweat. The basic G has almost cleared it up completely after 3 weeks!  We are so excited!!

Because it is so concentrated, a little goes a long way and saves your wallet!

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“Bacteria, fungi, and viruses can wreak havoc on your family’s health and safety. Used as directed, Basic-G tackles over 40 of these pesky microbes, including several animal viruses. That makes it an excellent choice for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or pet area. In addition to being economical – one quart makes up to 64 gallons – it’s also EPA registered.”


  • Jenni,

    I love Basic G, not only to clean the bathrooms and disinfect. I have found another personal use for it! I use some when I wash my disgusting and bacteria covered scrubs when I come home from the hospital. I just put a little in the washing machine with Shaklee’s laundry soap, and I don’t have to worry that the water doesn’t get hot enough to kill everything!

    Angi 04.07.2010
  • Great information about Basic G. How can I have a hard/soft copy? I would love to share this with my friends and customers.

    Suzanne 23.08.2014
    • I’m not sure I have a hard copy somewhere. I’ll have to look Suzanne!

      Jenni Oates 03.09.2014

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