Too Busy to Workout?

//Too Busy to Workout?

These days everyone I talk to says the same thing:


I’m so busy to workout


For most of us, spending hours at the gym is simply not doable.  “Not enough time” is the biggest reason that people don’t work out.


I understand the need to get maximum results in as little time as possible.   My husband Nathan and I founded™ when I was up to my eyeballs in dirty diaper and laundry!   As busy parents and business owners we desperately wanted to find a way to stay healthy and fit without sacrificing hours of our day.


I’d been there and done that as a half marathon runner and Division I athlete.Burst Shoot


B.U.R.S.T™ stands for “Body’s Ultimate Response Shock Training” and will get you in shape in less time than conventional cardio workouts!  At the heart of BURSTClub™ is our exclusive 3-minute workout that utilizes burst training – a combination of both cardio and resistance training in one short and sweet workout.


I used to sit my “littles” at the kitchen table, push play on my BURSTTraxx music, and be completely done with my workout before they were done with their breakfast!  If your kids struggle to stay put for 15 minutes try duct tape!  Just kidding – try letting them do the workout with you!


I’d encourage you as a busy mom, business man, someone who travels a lot, or even runner and high performing athlete to check out how efficient and effective BURSTClub is.   It might save you some time, your sanity, and get you amazing results.


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