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Mommy New Year Healthy RESET

  Happy New Year!   Well, sort of…   Every year, I think of September as the “Mommy New Year.”  This is the time of year us moms have just crammed in our last family vacation, BBQ, and trip to the pool.  Then we sped off to Walmart or Target to fight our way through the gauntlet of school supply isles, trying to get everything on the list before the first day of school.  Those of us brave enough to venture out on tax-free weekend

When You’re Stuck, #ResetWithMe

Anytime someone chooses honesty and authenticity it’s risky.  Each of us have different “lenses” due to life experiences and/or faith that we evaluate others through.   Although being authentic and real may feel risky, but it’s far more satisfying and freeing to be “you” and let go of what others think you should be or need to be.   Many of us live under layers of fear, shame, and insecurity, exhausted with trying to cover up the ugly, imperfect parts of ourselves – it’s

Where to Start with Women’s Health

I have found that smart exercise, a good diet of alive food, and proper supplementation can make it possible for you to sail through the seasons of womanhood without the all of the horrors.   Just because I am female doesn’t mean that my day has to be characterized by mood swings, cravings, PMS or menopause symptoms, breast cancer, and any other things that seem to be pinned on us women as part of our “lot” in life – simply because we

How to Curb Cravings

  A secret is defined as knowledge kept or reserved for the privileged or initiated.  I don’t like that definition very much when it comes to my hormones!  I want to be one of the privileged who are in the “know” and who possesses the insider secrets to such mysterious things.   Luckily, I am in the know.  And I want to share the secret to curbing your cravings once and for all.   I know because I’ve lived it.   Did you know that

Say Good-Bye to PMS for Good

Do you feel crabby, irritable, moody, confused, cloudy, bloated, tired, angry, uncomfortable, or fatigued?  Do you get to that point each month where you actually feel a little (or alot) crazy and feel like someone needs to admit you to a mental hospital?  I know I’ve felt that.  That’s why I’m pushing RESET on my hormones – again.   Have you ever been told that your mood swings, cramps, or hot flashes even are “just part of being a woman”?   I know I

Winning the Battle with Fibromyalgia – How I was Healed! (pt 1)

Continued from Winning the Battle with Fibromyalgia – My Story     3 Parts to Freedom From Fibromyalgia    1. Physical   If you struggle with fibromyalgia, start doing what you can in the physical immediately!  This is the easiest one to attack because it simply involves adding in high powered-nutrients that will combat the stress, fatigue, and pain.   The other two parts may take more time to work through, so my philosophy was,

Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

From a nutritionist friend:   “One of the key natural supplements for our Severe Arthritis Plan is Pain Relief Complex.  This is a daily supplement that when taken consistently may reduce your inclination to chronic (ongoing) pain. It is not a drug.   Understand that for acute (immediate) pain, you can’t look at it as taking 1 or 2, like you would Tylenol. You’ll be disappointed in the results, because that’s not how

Osteoarthritis Pain Gone!

I had both gout and osteoarthritis.  The pain was very bad!   The doctor prescribed strong medicines that, one by one, were taken off the market.  I’d been in this unhealthy cycle for 15 years.   About the time I developed internal bleeding from the medicine, I began using Shaklee products – specifically Vitalizer, Protein, and OmegaGuard, and GLA.  With Shaklee I felt much better! At the suggestion of a nutritional doctor, I increased to 6 GLA a day, 2 x 3.   Like magic I

Constipation Goes Away

11-year old Amanda, suffered from extreme constipation all her life.  There were times when she would go days between bowel movements and then it would be very painful when she did finally go.  Since taking Optiflora, she goes between 3-4 times a day and says her stomach feels much better.   – Joan F.     The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is simply a testimony of an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s)

Rheumatoid Arthritis Gone in Teenage Girl

Our daughter developed rheumatoid arthritis at age 13.   Before that, she was very athletic and one of the finest sprinters in junior high.  One day after diving and swimming practice, her knees became swollen.  She was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with this horrible disease.    Doctors put her on aspirin which, in time, created a large ulcer. We had to carry her to her second floor bedroom and take her wheelchair to school,