In Remembrance of Little Ones Lost

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Remembering can take us down a couple different roads, depending on the healing we’ve allowed to take place in our hearts and where our Hope is anchored. Remembering can take us to a dark place where our hearts, minds, and bodies re-process every detail of that dark day every year, like clock-work. It’s like a movie screen that keeps replaying the same film, one filled with trauma, grief, and details we’d rather forget. Remembering

Hosea’s 11th Heaven Day

Today marks 11 years since my little man Hosea Nathan went to heaven. In many ways it feels like a lot of time has past because we have lived so much life in the last 11 years…so much change, so many hardships, and equally as many joys.   But in so many ways, it also feels just like yesterday that I was holding him, changing his diaper, and trying to keep his sisters from smothering him with their kisses.   At times, I still

Tears…Are They OK?

Is it ok to cry?   Have you ever asked yourself that?  I have recently been wrestling with this question.  Seven years have passed since I held my son and kissed his tiny, soft head. Today, at 6:28 I could remember every sight, smell, and sound of that tragic moment. The past seven years have been a mixture of some of the darkest hours of my life as well as the brightest.  From anger and depression to joy and triumph and everything

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Story

If you know us, you know our personal experience with losing a child to SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  We did not lose our son due to nutritional deficiencies, as is outlined in this testimony.  This was confirmed via autopsy.  However, the story below is powerful food for thought for all new moms! Please read and consider!  If you have experienced this type of loss or know someone else who has, please leave thoughts and comments. I would love

Remembering Hosea’s 4th Birthday

Today we are celebrating Hosea’s fourth birthday! While he was born on Palm Sunday, today is his actual birthday. In the past few years, it has felt like we braced for impact of the wide range of emotions that the day would hold. I’m sure this is perfectly normal. “Marker days” are tough, no matter how healed  your heart is. These days just seem to remind us even more of how much we miss Hosea. However, we are trying a little

Hosea Lives

As I write this morning, there is sadness mixed with so much thankfulness at all God has done in Nathan and I over the past 4 years. I’m so thankful that I can be sad, cry, and miss my son without going to the dark depths of depression that I once got sucked into the moment I let myself “go there.” God has redeemed, and is redeeming, all that the enemy has stolen. The fullness of this redemption continues

Hosea’s Journey

In order to tell my son’s story, I almost have to tell my own first. Hosea’s life came as a direct result of me receiving God’s Son. Everything his short life represents is a powerful testimony of God’s grace—something that I missed early on in my life.  I’m not sure how I missed it exactly, because I know that it was there, but the Enemy is a deceiver and the Father of Lies and I definitely believed the lies. As

Holiday Highs and Lows

Today I find myself struggling to verbalize all that is in my heart.  With the holidays coming there is oftentimes mixed emotions for many people–especially those who have experienced loss.  Those losses might be people, things, or even dreams.  But the holidays seem to have a way of stirring up those places in us that just might need a deeper level of healing.  It’s up to us to pursue.  Thankfully, this is a process with no time constraints.  And

Remembering Hosea Today–Oct. 09

Almost three and a half years ago we had a beautiful little boy named Hosea Nathan.  He was perfect in every way!  After two girls, you can imagine all of our excitement!  One month later, Hosea passed away from SIDS–Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  This earth-shattering tragedy rocked me to the core.  There were days I thought I would never see the light again…I thought I would never laugh or smile or be able to enjoy anything again (Picture at

Restore Your Life

So far I have blogged on how to have a healthy body, but this blog is about the health of your soul.  Over the years I have had many various health issues–plantar fasciitis for 14 years and back and neck problems, with intense headaches, for the past 8 years are just among a few.  Because of my various physical problems, I have spent many years of my life researching natural remedies to alleviate the pain and promote health.  Through my