A Healthy Pregnancy: Where Do I Start?

There must be something in the water!  It seems like everyone I know is getting pregnant!  This is such an exciting time, yet it invokes questions and concerns as well. Recently I’ve been asked multiple questions in regards to pregnancy and which vitamins are “safe” to take during that time.  As women, we have an innate desire to protect and to do what is best for our children.  That desire has fueled me and many other

My Vitamin Ate Through a Cup!

Ok, so I tested my prenatal vitamins in water and this is what happened!! Be prepared to get grossed out! If you drop your vitamin in water, it is supposed to dissolved in 15 minutes or less or it passes right through you undigested. The other option is that it can get lodged in tissue and organs because it is synthetic. Things that are synthetic are not living and therefore have zero intelligence. For example, when you eat real food,

How to Schedule a Newborn

I used this routine with all of my children and it was a lifesaver!   It gets them on a great schedule, sleeping through the night earlier, and just overall, helps them to be very content. I don’t think any kid likes being in charge…Deep down inside they want someone to set the boundaries for them so they don’t feel out of control of themselves (which is what happens when  a child is left to his own).   So even from the time of

Are All Vitamins the Same?

“Aren’t all vitamins the same?  Why can’t I just get the cheap ones? Don’t they all do the same thing?” These are very good questions and ones that we frequently hear, so I put together this chart to show you the difference in vitamins that you may be purchasing. The 3 Types of Vitamins:   Test Tube or Synthetic  (Usual drug store or discount store vitamins)–made in a test tube in a lab, to resemble the real thing. This

Balance Your Hormones Naturally

  If you are looking for a natural yet effective plan to balance out your hormones, this system may be just what you’ve been searching for.   After having 4 kids in 6 years I can tell you my hormones were a little “out of whack.”   After my infant son went to heaven, the loss and emotional roller coaster also threw me out of whack all over again.  I was thankful both times to have something natural to get me back on track.   This

Happy Pregnancy and Childbirth

I decided to use Shaklee Nutritional products instead of the prescribed pre-natal vitamins during my pregnancy. I did some research and found that what I was already taking on a daily basis was more complete than the ones doctors prescribe. Aside from providing pre-natal nutritional support, I also used many of the Shaklee products as remedies for some common “discomforts” that occur at different points of a normal pregnancy. I hope that these hints help