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Growth Thrives in Conducive Surroundings

I am always looking to grow as a mom, business owner, in my relationships, and in my ability to walk in peace and not stress. And when I’m not growing I actually get really down. It’s like the creative part of me has been switched off like a light and I feel completely lethargic. But when I’m intentionally pursing growth opportunities, I come alive. Ideas start to flow. Relationships deepen. Business begins to thrive. And I feel a sense of

One Trick to Making Commitment Stick

Commitment…can be a scary word. We tend to associate it with failure…times when we said we were going to do something, but then neglected to follow through with it.   At the heart of any success that has ever been achieved is a resolve or commitment to do it.   We often set ourselves up for failure right from the start because of three little words:   “I’ll try it.”   Did you know that the definition of try is “an attempt to fail”?  Scientists

Power Comes from Process, Not Perfection

I feel like I go through phases where I hit a little rut, come out, then hit a rut again.  And that process drives me crazy.   Do you ever feel that way?   I’d rather hit the high and never come off of it.  Oh, if only.   For so long I would beat myself up about the rut part of the process, but I’m realizing more and more it comes down to this simple truth…   We aren’t perfect.  Life (including our fitness) is a journey

Tyler Perry’s Take on How to Be Successful

[youtube][/youtube]   Everyone is searching for the secret to success.  I recently was introduced by a friend to this video of Tyler Perry giving his “2 cents” about how he rose to such great success.  I don’t know about you, but I love hearing real life stories of people who were down and out and rose above some huge obstacle to finally taste the dream they’ve longed for and worked so hard to

4 Ways to Get Beyond Your New Year’s Resolution

[youtube][/youtube]   Have you ever experienced the frustration of accomplishing a goal, only to find that 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year later you are right back where you started?  Maybe you resolved last year to lose 10 pounds.  Perhaps you set a goal to exercise 3 times a week.  After 1 week of that you found that life seemed to crowd out any extra time for yourself, which meant bye-bye exercise. I wanted to read 2 books a month last year.