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When You’re Stuck, #ResetWithMe

Anytime someone chooses honesty and authenticity it’s risky.  Each of us have different “lenses” due to life experiences and/or faith that we evaluate others through.   Although being authentic and real may feel risky, but it’s far more satisfying and freeing to be “you” and let go of what others think you should be or need to be.   Many of us live under layers of fear, shame, and insecurity, exhausted with trying to cover up the ugly, imperfect parts of ourselves – it’s

Winning the Battle with Fibromyalgia – How I was Healed! (pt 1)

Continued from Winning the Battle with Fibromyalgia – My Story     3 Parts to Freedom From Fibromyalgia    1. Physical   If you struggle with fibromyalgia, start doing what you can in the physical immediately!  This is the easiest one to attack because it simply involves adding in high powered-nutrients that will combat the stress, fatigue, and pain.   The other two parts may take more time to work through, so my philosophy was,

Osteoarthritis Pain Gone!

I had both gout and osteoarthritis.  The pain was very bad!   The doctor prescribed strong medicines that, one by one, were taken off the market.  I’d been in this unhealthy cycle for 15 years.   About the time I developed internal bleeding from the medicine, I began using Shaklee products – specifically Vitalizer, Protein, and OmegaGuard, and GLA.  With Shaklee I felt much better! At the suggestion of a nutritional doctor, I increased to 6 GLA a day, 2 x 3.   Like magic I

Fever, Infections, & Immunity

This plan works for kids, men, and women!  Anyone can follow this advice and you should see dramatic results!   For the first 4 ½ years of Elena’s life, we seemed to live at the doctor’s office.  She’d get very sick, run high fevers three to four days at a time, sometimes requiring emergency room visits. Ear tubes didn’t help.  I started Shaklee supplements but the benefits were minimal.  I was disappointed and discouraged.   A doctor suggested I schedule Elena for removal of

Simple Cure for the Common Cold

Who has time to be sick?  Especially with a cold?  But the reality is that some colds can knock you down for days on end!  Try this routine next time you feel one coming on.     At the 1st sign of sniffles, give 4-5 Chewable C and 1 tsp. of Liqui Lea.   Within 20 minutes the runny nose disappears for 3-4 hours.  Repeat the 4-5 Chewable C and 1 tsp. of Liqui Lea for a 24-hour period.   If the infection persists try our infection


As embarrassing as it is to say, gas used to be a real problem for me, but no more.   It’s amazing how it disappeared when I started using EZ-Gest with each meal.  Stomach Soothing Complex after my meals and the Optiflora pearls and powder at least once a day.   My family is REALLY happy!   — S. Newcomb     The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is simply a testimony of an individual who had a positive experience with

Alternative Solutions for Arthritis Stiffness & Pain

This testimony is about a man with arthritis but the same protocol would apply to a woman.     My friend from church has suffered with arthritis for the last 10 years.  He took lots of Ibuprofen daily during that period.  Initially when I shared info on Shaklee alternatives for the pain and stiffness, he said, ‘No thanks!’   Last month when he was no longer able to be a greeter at the door or even to stand to sing, I shared information with his daughter.  She talked

Naturally Prevent Infections with the Shaklee “Bomb”

I hate being sick! Although, I really don’t know many people who actually enjoy it.   I just don’t have time for sickness.  As as busy mother and a business owner, I have way better ways to spend my time.  So I have been on a 10 year quest to figure out how to build my immune system, keep my body healthy, and STOP getting sick!  Each year, I have found that I get sick less–I actually can’t remember when I was

Build Your Immune System this Winter

With winter quickly approaching, building the immune system is extremely important.   Whether you are looking to protect against the flu, or are just wanting to stay healthy, some of the below suggestions may help you. I would highly recommend if you are considering getting the flu vaccine to look into some other options first.  There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that it will provide any protection, but one thing is absolutely sure — it will harm you.  I won’t

Natural Allergy Relief Costs Less

  40 million American’s suffer from allergies every year.  –  Natural Health, April 2005   The immune system normally responds to harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses and toxins by producing symptoms such as runny nose and congestion, post-nasal drip and sore throat, and itchy ears and eyes.  An allergic reaction can produce the same symptoms in response to substances that are generally harmless, like dust, dander or pollen.   The sensitized immune system produces antibodies to these allergens, which cause chemicals called histamines to