Oates Big Business Announcement

Hi friends, Nathan and I are super excited to share our hearts with you today and about a new adventure in the Oates’ house.  As you know, we love wellness and helping people find the “pieces” of their healthy lifestyle puzzle. For the last 7 years, we have been intensely invested in a specific nutritional company as one of those pieces and have been using and sharing their products for the last 16 years.  During those years our desire has been to do everything

Get Rid of Exercise Excuses Once and for All

  Excuses.   We all make them.  In the moment, we convince ourselves that our excuse is a really good ‘reason’.  But all-too-often, these reasons are just attempts at explaining or justifying our choice to avoid responsibility.   When it comes to exercise, there seem to be 3 main excuses that hinder us from achieving the level of fitness we need and desire:   Not enough time. Not enough energy. Not enough motivation.   Burst training with BURSTClub effectively removes the obstacle of these 3 excuses. 

Are Your Tired of Fad Diets?

Recently when I did a Google search for “books on healthy eating,” I was shocked to see that 159 MILLION options were available! With such an overabundance of resources in this area, why in the world am I writing another one to add to someone else’s Google search? Do we really need one more guide for eating healthier?   I have asked myself these questions numerous times. The conclusion I’ve come to is this: I’m frustrated…with the wealth of information and knowledge

One Habit that Will Drastically Improve Your Eating

We have no shortage of information as it relates to healthy nutrition. It’s fairly easy to get lost and overwhelmed in all the content—including the countless recipes and plans that are easily accessible.  To avoid the pitfall of information-overload, keep a clear context in your sight at all times.  Context will guide you…keeping you on track and helping you reach your health and weight-loss goals. Context profoundly simplifies and declutters your life by giving you one main thing to focus

Drink More to Eat Less

Did you know that if you drink more you will actually burn more fat, eat less, and even lose weight?   And I’m not talking about drinking more wine or beer!   I’m talking about water.   Water itself doesn’t have any magical properties that burn fat, but it is definitely connected to your body’s ability to burn fat properly and to maintain a healthy weight.   Your body is made up of 60% water.  Most of us walk around dehydrated because we are either too busy to

3 Secrets to Staying Fit without Killing Yourself

Every Club has it’s rules.   But BURSTClub is a different kind of club.  Our standard and keys are not to be confused with rules or laws.   A rule often generates thoughts and feelings of fear, guilt, and the need to perform: “If I follow this rule, I am good. If I break it, I am bad.”   As my husband and I speak to groups around the country, we are shocked at how much guilt and

Mommy New Year Healthy RESET

  Happy New Year!   Well, sort of…   Every year, I think of September as the “Mommy New Year.”  This is the time of year us moms have just crammed in our last family vacation, BBQ, and trip to the pool.  Then we sped off to Walmart or Target to fight our way through the gauntlet of school supply isles, trying to get everything on the list before the first day of school.  Those of us brave enough to venture out on tax-free weekend

Raising Healthy Kids

Here are some of my most popular posts on how to build health in your kids.  It’s not small task, and can feel overwhelming at times.  That’s why I want to help show you simple ways to boost their immune systems, make healthy snacks, treat infections naturally, get them exercising, and even train them to obey.   Getting your kids on a healthy routine in all areas of their life will preserve not only their health, but YOUR sanity!   Here are some of

Busting the Myths on Soy Protein

There are many opinions on soy protein that clutter the internet and those opinions leave us reeling with more questions than answers most of the time.  I don’t wish to clutter it more .  What I do want is to give you facts on what clinical research has shown to be true for years and I want to share with you my own personal experience.  I want to help you on your journey for answer to these deep (and serious

Where to Start with Women’s Health

I have found that smart exercise, a good diet of alive food, and proper supplementation can make it possible for you to sail through the seasons of womanhood without the all of the horrors.   Just because I am female doesn’t mean that my day has to be characterized by mood swings, cravings, PMS or menopause symptoms, breast cancer, and any other things that seem to be pinned on us women as part of our “lot” in life – simply because we