Wild Orange Essential Oil Snack Idea

OK Moms, it’s snack time and what do you grab? Walk away from the Gold Fish and try this yummy, healthy treat today. My kids LOVE apples with Wild Orange in their lunches or after school. It’s completely refreshing, energizing, and helps shift to a positive mood because of the doTERRA Wild Orange oil in it. Try it and tell me what you think!   šŸŠ Why I Love Wild Orange šŸŠ It’s great for mood (not that we ladies are every moody),

Why We Left to Rebuild with doTERRA

What was it that compelled Nathan and I to walk away from everything weā€™d built for 7 years to start over in this industry with a new company? I never dreamed this would be my story, but Iā€™ve come to see that living a life of faith is rarely predictable, has numerous unexpected twists and turns, and always requires us to step out before we see the end of the story. This key principle of trust and faith is what drove us

Oates Big Business Announcement

Hi friends, Nathan and I are super excited to share our hearts with you today and about a new adventure in the Oates’ house.Ā  As you know, we love wellness and helping people find the ā€œpiecesā€ of their healthy lifestyle puzzle. For the last 7 years, we have been intensely invested in a specificĀ nutritional companyĀ as one of those pieces and have been using and sharing their products for the last 16 years.Ā  During those years our desire has been to do everything

Essential Oil Lemon Cookies

I am in love. With lemon essential oil. Lemon has always been one of my favorite scents because of how fresh and invigorating it is. Ā But it is also one of my favorite flavors. Ā And now, I’ve discovered how to make a yummy treat with this golden beauty.   But first, a few fun facts about lemon oil:   Did you know lemon oil is not the same as lemon juice? Ā Our doTERRA lemon oil is cold pressedĀ from the rindĀ versus squeezed from the fruit. The most beneficial