Chronic Sciatic Pain Gone with BURSTClub

In the past 10 years I’ve had four large babies (as much as 10.5 lbs!), and with each pregnancy I had terrible sciatic nerve pain and SPD (Pubis Symphysis Dysfunction) that lasted longer and hurt worse until my 4th pregnancy when it took up permanent residence.   Every exercise program and activity I’ve tried over the years would leave me in excruciating pain for a week.  I tried everything from Pilates to weight-lifting to Zumba and would have to

3 Reasons to Never Skip a Sprint Day

So, I already explained in this post how tempting it is to skip your sprint day.  I mean really, it’s a rare breed who looks forward to going out and running as hard as they can for any distance! But here are 3 reasons why I personally never skip my BURSTClub Sprint Day when it pops up as the next workout of the day. 1. Sprints Are a Complete Body Workout The more lean muscle you build, the more fat your burn. 

The Number One Exercise to Burn Fat

  Is there really just one exercise that can give you all the fat-burning benefits you desire?   Well…almost.   It’s called a sprint. (I can hear you groaning now!)  Don’t check out or think, “Whelp, that does it for me. I can’t sprint so I’m not even bothering to read this.”   If that’s you, hang with me for some options to make sprinting more “doable.”   Sprinting is the ULTIMATE  exercise to position your body to burn more fat throughout the day.  It’s also great to

Momma’s Still Got It

We call Friday nights “Friday Family Fun Night.”  It’s a little tradition we started years ago with the kids.   On this particular Friday night we decided to go shoot some hoops at the park.  The weather is just perfect here in Tennessee and it was the perfect night to be outdoors.   After about 2 hours of playing “Around the World” with my daughter I decided to see how far off my high school game I was by busting out a half court

I Lost 38 Pounds with BURSTClub

I am 5’8” and have always been considered “slim”.   However, as I grew older, had two boys, and the metabolism slowed, “slim” was not exactly accurate. While my height allowed me to carry some extra weight, I decided I had gotten a bit squishy and was ready to do something about it.   Just before the beginning of March 2014, I decided to try a specific inch loss plan, called Shaklee 180, and also BURSTClub workouts.  I loved the flexibility

One Trick to Making Commitment Stick

Commitment…can be a scary word. We tend to associate it with failure…times when we said we were going to do something, but then neglected to follow through with it.   At the heart of any success that has ever been achieved is a resolve or commitment to do it.   We often set ourselves up for failure right from the start because of three little words:   “I’ll try it.”   Did you know that the definition of try is “an attempt to fail”?  Scientists

Power Comes from Process, Not Perfection

I feel like I go through phases where I hit a little rut, come out, then hit a rut again.  And that process drives me crazy.   Do you ever feel that way?   I’d rather hit the high and never come off of it.  Oh, if only.   For so long I would beat myself up about the rut part of the process, but I’m realizing more and more it comes down to this simple truth…   We aren’t perfect.  Life (including our fitness) is a journey

Are You Tired of the Treadmill?

Do you ever wonder why the hours you spend exercising are not producing more results?   Have you ever experienced getting some results and then you hit a serious plateau? Maybe you’ve given up on exercise altogether because you simply don’t have the time. And if we’re honest, who wants to invest time into something that doesn’t seem to be working anyway?   Deep down, most of us want to have bodies that work—bodies that burn fat properly, have good metabolisms, and that feel

Drink More to Eat Less

Did you know that if you drink more you will actually burn more fat, eat less, and even lose weight?   And I’m not talking about drinking more wine or beer!   I’m talking about water.   Water itself doesn’t have any magical properties that burn fat, but it is definitely connected to your body’s ability to burn fat properly and to maintain a healthy weight.   Your body is made up of 60% water.  Most of us walk around dehydrated because we are either too busy to

10 Tips to Lose Weight & Pulverize the Plateau

You looked in the mirror today and the thought ran through your head, “Man I really need to trim down around the edges.”   Maybe you’ve been hitting the gym extra hard lately or you’ve stayed consistent with your BURSTClub workouts but for some reason, you just aren’t seeing the results you want.   So what can you do?   You probably know a handful of things you could do, but I’m talking about doing things that are healthy and can be maintained over a lifetime.