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The Number One Exercise to Burn Fat

  Is there really just one exercise that can give you all the fat-burning benefits you desire?   Well…almost.   It’s called a sprint. (I can hear you groaning now!)  Don’t check out or think, “Whelp, that does it for me. I can’t sprint so I’m not even bothering to read this.”   If that’s you, hang with me for some options to make sprinting more “doable.”   Sprinting is the ULTIMATE  exercise to position your body to burn more fat throughout the day.  It’s also great to

Who Else wants Better Results in Less Time?

  Crunched for time?  If so, you’re not alone!  It’s no secret that exercise takes time…but who has extra hours to invest each day going to and from the gym, with a workout sandwiched in between?   More and more people are choosing the most efficient, result-producing exercise option available:   Burst Training   Also known as HIT—or High-Intensity Interval Training, these short bursts of intense exercise can reprogram your body to burn fat post-workout for 24 hours!  Burst training can drastically increase your ability to experience

Burst like an Olympian

  Ever heard the 80’s hit song, Walk like an Egyptian? How about changing that tune to: Burst like an Olympian! When you incorporate burst training into your exercise regimen, you have something in common with Olympic athletes. Picture those chiseled, rock-solid men and women who seem to effortlessly fly around the track, glide through the water, and sprint down the court.   What’s their secret?   Burst training!   When an Olympic athlete is training for a worldwide audience and competing on behalf of their country, getting

30 Ways to Be More Active Today

I am always looking for ways to stay active.  Statistics show that people who are more active during the day live 2-5 years longer than those who are more sedentary.  I think for most of us, it’s not just about living longer –  but living healthier.  I want to feel good every day – don’t  you? Having lived years of my life in chronic pain from fibromyalgia I know how devastating it is to wake up in the morning and hurt

Lose 25 Pounds by Doing These 3 Things

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoHAT9UMSDs&list=UUzh-Uyy3dKz9dPIJxsWNlgA[/youtube]   1. Invest in Smart Fitness Did you know exercise can be intelligent? Certain activities will actually promote more fat burning than others.  Jogging at a slow and steady pace for an hour will actually burn more fat during while you workout than doing a shorter, sprint style workout will.  However, and this is a BIG however, sprint-type workouts (or burst training) programs your body to burn significantly more fat for 24-36 hours following

4 Harmful Things to Avoid in Your Protein Shake | Plus 20 Free Recipes!

Here are 20 of my favorite smoothie recipes for you! These recipes are simple.  Just pick your base.  Choose your add-in.  Then blend.   It’s important as you pull out your blender (hopefully there is not dust on it) to make your smoothies that you are choosing the right protein.   Nathan and I searched high and low for a protein that we could add to our smoothies that we could trust to help us and not harm us.     How could

3 Tips to Burn Belly Fat & Look Great in Your Bikini

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHbc1sYpXdY&feature=share&list=UUzh-Uyy3dKz9dPIJxsWNlgA[/youtube]   With summer right around the corner, I am receiving larger than normal amount of emails and messages that reflect some fear and apprehension about what summer brings…   …swim suits. We want you to sail into summer enjoying yourself, your family, and your vacation, not worrying about what you look like in your swimsuit.   So we’ve put together a series for you on how to burn fat in some key problem areas – the belly and the

Burn Fat All Day with Burst Training

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfPK2B0aAFY&feature=share&list=UUzh-Uyy3dKz9dPIJxsWNlgA&index=7[/youtube]   Burst training has been utilized by Olympic athletes for years because they understand the effectiveness of high intensity exercise for short intervals of time. Research shows that whatever the body burns during a workout, it will respond by burning the opposite in the hours following. For example, long cardio workouts program the body to burn fat during the workout. As a result, the body will then burn sugars in the post-workout hours.  While it may sound good to be burning fat for

12 Easy Ways to Burn More Calories Throughout the Day

  Extreme dieting and counting every calorie I eat are no longer a part of my life. Although calorie counting can be a good discipline and accountability, for years this practice sent me spiraling into mental self-sabotage. Rather than worrying about counting every calorie this week, why not incorporate a few of BURSTClub’s simple ways to increase calorie burning?  If you will do things today to increase your fat-burning and calorie-burning you won’t have to kill yourself with counting,

Burn 9x More Fat with Your Workout

[youtube]http://youtu.be/CfPK2B0aAFY[/youtube] Fat-burning is a topic everywhere you turn.  You don’t have to look past the magazines at the grocery store checkout to see 10 issues that all have tips, tricks, and secrets to fat burning.  We all want to learn the fastest way to burn off unwanted fat and shed pounds. With fat-burning, there are no short cuts…but we can tell you there is a shorter cut. A 2001 study in the American College of Sports Medicine’s flagship journal, Medicine and Science