Swap Out Sunday: What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet?

//Swap Out Sunday: What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching your child suffer from some ailment.  Our tendency as parents is to stop every hurt and keep our children from feeling any pain.  One of the most common ways that the average person does this when their kids are sick is to run straight for the medicine cabinet, grab the Tylenol, and hope it helps.  Yet we rarely think of reading the label, or better yet, planning ahead to do what it takes to avoid as many instances of sickness as possible!

One thing a lot of parents don’t know is that many of the ingredients in Tylenol do the exact opposite of what a child needs when they are sick. Listed as “Inactive Ingredients” are butylparaben, Red #33, Blue #1, Flavors, Glycerin, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Sorbitol, and Sucralose.

Let me break each of these down for you and ask yourself if these things are helping your child’s immune system at a time when they desperately need all the help they can get to boost it!

ButylParaben: Preservative used to prevent mold, fungus and bacteria; extends shelf life of cosmetics

Red # 33–Food coloring; both red and blue have been shown to be toxic to the body.

Blue # 1–Food coloring;

Glycerine–a sweet syrupy liquid that is widely used by pharmaceutical companies

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Derived from corn; now manufacturers include small amounts of mercury (the best preservative on the planet) so that HFCS can preserve whatever it is in.

Propylene Glycol–A slightly sweet liquid used as antifreeze or in cosmetic to absorb moisture

Sodium Benzoate: A Chemical preservative with a salt base

Sorbitol: A sugar-alcohol that the body metabolizes slowly; chemically altered, but found in some fruits

Sucralose: A selectively chlorinated sugar, used as an artificial, chemically produced sugar under the trade name Splenda.

As exciting as this list is, I’m not so sure I want these ingredients, in any quantity, in my child’s body unless it is an emergency. It amazes me that 5 ingredients on this list are SUGARS!!! Sugar is the LAST thing a body needs when it is sick—especially the artificial ones that are adding chemicals to your body as well.

When our bodies are under attack, the immune system needs to be boosted to the max so that the body can learn to fight off the sickness . Then the next time the child comes into contact with the same sickness, the bodies innate memory will kick in and the sickness will be fought off naturally.

Here’s the biggies…a fever.  A fever is no fun and it is even worse to watch your child with one!  However, a fever is the body’s God-given way of killing off a virus.  Yet, most parent’s first reaction to a child’s fever is to give them medicine to bring it down.  In actuality, this may make the child more comfortable, but it is not allowing the body to completely kill off the virus.

The child’s immune system is not allowed in this instance to build a “memory” for that particular sickness so the next time it comes into contact with it, the child will inevitably get sick again…and usually worse than before.  This cycle continues throughout ones life, unless it is broken by building the immune system to fight colds off the way the body was intended to.

The good new is, you can stop this cycle!  After the birth of each of our children, we have built their immune systems, seen a chiropractor regularly, worked hard to make sure they are getting healthy foods, lots of water, adequate rest, and plenty of exercise.  We are far from perfect in any of these areas, but we do our best with where we are at in each stage of life.  Every little effort helps!

So try these things before you run to the medicine cabinet when your kids are sick and give them the usual shot of Tylenol–you might be surprised how much the frequency of sickness goes down!

  1. Build their immune systems with vitamins
  2. Get regular chiropractic adjustments
  3. Eat more “God Foods” (real) than “Man Foods” (processed)
  4. Reduce or eliminate sugar intake (even from hidden sources). Sugar suppresses the immune system 30% for 6 hrs. after eaten.
  5. Reduce the amount of medine you give them…allow their bodies to get sick and fight it the natural way so they will be stronger in the long run.

Swap Out This:

For This:

Shaklee Liqui-Lea is a staple in our “medicine cabinet.”  This liquid, whole food vitamin is derived from vegetable sources, contains 10 vitamins, and is ideal for quick delivery into the body. The body does not have to work to digest this liquid so it begins working immediately to boost the immune system.  Our infant children took small portions of this and it has been something we’ve used throughout the years for colds, coughs, sore throats, headaches, fevers, and more.

So make the swap today!  Help your kids get a great start on life by teaching their bodies to fight sickness naturally.  Begin boosting their immune system.

**These comments are personal opinion.  Consult a health care provider for serious disease or ailment.


  • Hi Jenni,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice and for recommending I read this blog. I don’t know how I missed it since I always make it a point to read what you post :o).

    Anyway, Jordan was not feeling well on Sunday night and by Monday morning I could tell that he was worse. He had a fever of 102.5 and I gave him Motrin for that. However, after reading this and talking to you, I began to give him the LiquiLea every 2 hours with his juice (watered down juice to avoid a lot of sugars) and Wednesday he was almost back to 100% healthy. So in reality he was sick Monday and Tuesday and back to normal by Wednesday evening. What a blessing! I didn’t have to take him to the doctor and I KNOW he’s full of good stuff from the LiquiLea and the BabyShaklee Multivitamin that he takes every day.

    Oh, and the other boys haven’t gotten sick as I increased the amount of LiquiLea for them as well! I have to order more today.

    Again, thanks so much for your wise advice and for introducing me to Shaklee!


    Linda Rojas 29.01.2010

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