Are “All-Natural” Caprisuns Really Natural?

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What we put in our kids is so important.


Not only are we building a foundation for their immune systems, we are also teaching them from a young age habits that they are likely to carry with them throughout their life (or have to break later on in life!).


So what are our kids drinking? 


One of the most common drinks for kids today is a Caprisun.  Some parents have realized the sugar content of one Caprisun and have gone for the “healthier” version: Caprisun Water Beverage.


Take a look at the packaging on the Capri Sun below. The word “flavor” appears four times on the front, which in itself is overkill when you think about the information that was left out.  On the front it says: “Wild Cherry: Flavored with Other Natural Flavor”. The circular logic makes me dizzy. If you’re not using cherry as a flavor, why not just name it after the flavor you ARE using.


Now, I wouldn’t normally write a diatribe over the word choice on a kid’s beverage, but the fact that they used all that space and lettering, but still FAILED to tell me that the drink uses Sucralose as a sweetener? Somewhat sneaky, when you are talking busy mom’s running into the grocery store, grabbing things without reading labels!


Call me crazy but I do consider Sucralose (otherwise known as Splenda) to be an artificial flavor. Yet, still it says “No artificial colors or flavors.” So it makes me wonder what “Flavored with Other Natural Flavor” could possibly mean if Splenda is not considered artificial.


Maybe the makers of Capri Sun need to slap the word “Diet” on these bad boys since Splenda is the leading artificial sugar used in diet foods and products.


And for those who don’t know what Splenda (sucralose) really is, it is chlorinated sugar. So sugar starts out as sugar cane, they add chemicals to process it down to the white stuff we end up with (and how did they get it white? Isn’t sugar cane brown?). They then take this highly processed substance called sugar and process it even more…with chlorine. And wa-la, we end up with Splenda (this is the non-scientific version of the process!).




So let’s take a look at the product label taken directly from the package.

Product Details:


Flavored with other natural flavor. No artificial colors or flavors. Sensible Solution: Low calorie. Helps hydrate kids. Capri Sun is continuously working to reduce our impact on the environment. Helps hydrate kids (Consume a variety of beverages every day). Contains 0% juice.



Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Sucralose (Splenda Brand Sweetener), Natural Flavor.


Did you catch that in order to “hydrate” our kids we have to add 2 different types of sugar to their water? Not to mention both sugars have chemicals in them–High Fructose Corn Syrup contain mercury (the most toxic substance known to man), and Splenda has chlorine. So maybe instead of sugar-filled substances that really don’t hydrate, we could help our kids by giving them water!


Did you know that “The average human body is about 60 to 70 percent water? This varies by individual based on body type and composition, and on the state of bodily hydration. Most of the water is found within the cells.


Water is about 55-65% of the total human body weight in an adult. In infants, this is as high as 78%.” – Wiki Answers


I know it may be a hard switch, but they will do it!  A principle we try to live by in our house is, “You won’t eat it (or drink it) if you don’t buy it.” So next time you head to the store, leave these off your grocery list, drink water during the week, and make 100% juice a treat for the weekend!  They will thank you one day.



  • As always, thanks for the great information Jenni!

    Angi 07.02.2010
  • We really need to take KFC to task on this. I’ve just ranted about this on the KFC Facebook page. I was super pissed when I ordered 2 laptop meals, asked for JUICE and was given this crap. Gave one back and the other had to throw in the trash (son had already grabbed the straw). Drove across town for bubble tea and water. This is definitely mis-representation, possibly even false advertising and definitely something to be pissed about. Will be sending them an email soon.

    Alex 19.04.2010
    • I agree Alex. It definitely is false advertising…as is most of the things we consume! Being a good label reader is so important! “Juice” is not really juice, most of the time!!! Thanks for your comment!

  • Just more proof of how horrible anything but water and 100% pure juice is for jaydon

    Christina 24.03.2012

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