Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Story

//Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Story

If you know us, you know our personal experience with losing a child to SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  We did not lose our son due to nutritional deficiencies, as is outlined in this testimony.  This was confirmed via autopsy.  However, the story below is powerful food for thought for all new moms! Please read and consider!  If you have experienced this type of loss or know someone else who has, please leave thoughts and comments. I would love to connect with you!

Even if you have not experienced this type of loss, I would still love to hear from you. Thanks all!

“15 years ago I gave birth to the loveliest little girl. My labor was the very best of all my labors and her Apgars were 9 and five minutes later 10.  Our family was complete. We had our boy and now our precious daughter.  Whitney was so pretty and I was instantly in love.

That long ago, I had to demand “rooming in,” and boy, an I glad I did.  In her first night, I heard “agonal breathing.”  That is a nursing word as I was an ICU nurse.  I was used to hearing this breathing in the last stages before a person died.  I woke up terrified and shook the baby.  She started breathing normally for a few hours, and then we started over.

This scenario went on for 6 month.  She wore an apnea monitor, and if she forgot to breathe for more than 20 seconds, it would alarm.  The first six months of her life the monitor went off so many times of the day I became frantic.

I would rush to the bed and blow in her face or shake her or pick her up (for baby resuscitation all of these are the first treatments to get the babies to breath).  Talk about nerve racking.  What is the balance between shaking the baby to get her to breath and shaking the baby too hard (shaken baby syndrome—you kill your precious child).  I did not know what to do, and it was awful.

One night when she was 4 month old, we had to do this for hours.  The pediatrician said at some point we would become exhausted, and she would go see Jesus.  That is when we prayed and released her to go home.

She made it through the night, and we continued to have our bedside rush to blow, shake or rub her chest for another month.  Then one day, I asked someone in my church if they had anything for stress.  (I had 4 foot long shelf full of vitamins and didn’t believe the Shaklee vitamins could be any different.)  I started with the Vita-Lea Multivitamin and B-Complex.

It took 3 days before my urine turned yellow taking my one B-complex and 2 Vita-Lea.  But 2 days later, my baby over slept.  We didn’t resuscitate her all night.  I was sure the machine was broken, and it was terrifying to walk close to the crib.  She was peaceful and her breathing was perfect.

That morning as I pumped my breast milk, it was a different color.  It looked like it had with my first child—thick and creamy and white.  I had earlier questioned my pediatrician about my milk, and we tested it.  My breast milk was textbook milk, thin and bluish in color.  My baby was thriving weight wise.  She developmentally looked perfect, so why had my milk changed.  My ONLY change was adding Shaklee vitamins.

The story is long but gets better.  I, as a nurse, spent every extra moment trying to disprove Shaklee.  I went to the pharmacy and the health food store and did label checking.  I couldn’t believe that the other brands of vitamins were so bad until 4 months later.

I had bought the big sizes of product for the price guarantee.  We got rid of the apnea monitor because Whitney was fine.  When we ran out of Shaklee, no problem.  Then about 6 weeks to 2 months after we ran out, she started in again.  She was fretful and breathed funny.  I was taking my “prenatals and found one busted open inside its bottle.  I threw it in the toilet and it never dissolved (3 days later it had still never dissolved).

The nurse in me tried other experiments.  We used pure vinegar and the prenatal still never dissolved.  I was so grossed out, so I bought more Shaklee and 3 days later Whitney was healthy again.  What a mind blower! Over the next several months, I began to learn about Shaklee and tried going off the Shaklee vitamins again.   The same exact thing happened to Whitney.  It took the 2 month before she got sick again….That is when I began to think of SIDS.  Could SIDS or a portion of the SIDS deaths be a nutritional deficiency instead of a positioning problem?  Could it be that the babies could sleep on their tummies or backs or sides or whatever and it could be nutrition?

I don’t know.  I know of NO way to test my theory.  With my next 2 children, I used Shaklee as my prenatal and we had no apnea problems.  My kids were healthy.  I did find a great article in the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association which stated that 6 out of 9 prenatals never even dissolve (do the others absorb?  It doesn’t say!).

I don’t know if this will help, but my beautiful teenage daughter Whitney is still beautiful and has NO breathing problems at age 15.

Debi Schroeder


“Better Health IS an Important Daily Decision”



  • i had a niece that died when she was a month and a day old. it was painful, but we were happy she was in a wonderful, much better place than on earth. i loved her so much…
    and i like to see how people deal with their S.I.D.S stories.

    Ashley 16.02.2011
    • I’m sorry for your family’s loss. Thank you for taking time to stop by and share that. “dealing” is definitely a journey. But one that we are on. Our trials make us stronger, not defeat us thanks to God’s grace.

  • What an amazing story!!!

    Jacqueline Romprey 07.03.2011
  • I’m sorry if you don’t like this….we lost a son to SIDS 5 years ago so have seen this as a reality.

  • When i heard of SDIS it was like what a hell is this that is killx babies and infants and e principal cause is unknown. My awesome baby boy being my first child was my joy and happiness when i had him not knowx he had just few months to live with me. My prince was born October 26 2010 welghx 7bls 10 ouns with no heath prob he was 90% brestfeed and 10% bottle. On June 9 2011 i was my 7month prince gave him breast milk directly with holdx toys on both hand took him to the babysitter because i had to go to work 12pm. Gettx the worst phone call of my life from my hubby when i was drivx to go pick him up. The cops called my hubby and told him to come take me so we can go to e .hospital he had been taken to what a hell to see my prince death without me being there to kiss and tell him how much i love him. An outopcy was done four months after his death the medical examiner called me and said cause of death was unknown. Hope the cause of this killer be found so as to prevent others from .gox via the teribble pains i did. May ur soul rest in peace my prince by name Brayden will missed u all the days of my live love u daddy.

    evodia 25.09.2011
  • I have a friend that just lost her grandaughter just last night and its devastating to see the baby so happy and healthy one day and then see her dead

    Paty estrada 20.02.2012

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