Simple Solutions for Natural Energy

//Simple Solutions for Natural Energy

Before working out, my wife and I drink a glass of Shaklee Performance and take either 3 CorEnergy  or a couple of Shaklee Energy Chews.  These are loaded with B Vitamins and 100% natural!  This gives me the hydration and energy boost I need to make it through my workout and beyond.


Afterwards, we make sure to have our Shaklee Vitalizer strip (my vitamin pack for the day) and my protein shake.  This is my “health insurance” for the day and such foundational nutrition that everyone needs.


I’m in my late 60s but I can beat the younger guys in competitive sports and my wife doesn’t have the aches and pains so many of her friends have.


Of course, our leading edge is SHAKLEE!


If I get tired mid-afternoon, I have another Shaklee Energy Chew or I whip up a Shaklee 180 Energizing Tea.  It’s sustainable, natural energy without the jitters!


— Billy C


Check out this recipe to give your Energizing Tea an added burst of flavor!



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