Should You Get the Flu Shot?

//Should You Get the Flu Shot?

I was amazed at the sign I saw in Publix last night: 

An apple a day WON’T keep the doctor away. But the FLU shot will. Get FLU shot here.”

Oh, my! What have we come to when medicine totally replaces food nutrition!

This was my Facebook status yesterday and it generated quite a debate. I have several other articles under “Vaccinations” that explain what a vaccine does to the immune system that might be helpful for you to understand more about this so that you can make an educated decision this winter before just blindly running off to the local Publix or Walgreens to get the Flu shot.  Look at all sides before deciding!

Here are some little known facts about the flu shot:

  • The Thymerisol (mercury) level is 25,000 x the recommended allowance for a person in one sitting.
  • Mercury is the strongest preservative on the planet.  A toxic heavy metal, mercury has an affinity for the brain and other organs where it stays unless otherwise removed through a heavy metal detox.  This has been linked with severe neurological issues in many people.
  • It messes up your TH1 and TH2 Immune responses (see our other blogs)
  • There are many different strands of the flu. When vaccine producers make the vaccine early in the spring, they do so based on projections of what strands they BELIEVE will be prevalent in the winter. However, because of the many different strands of the virus, there is no way to tell if the vaccine you are getting is even going to be effective at fighting the strand you happen to come into contact with!

These are just a few of the facts….our motto has always been to do nothing out of FEAR.  We want to base our decisions out of research and facts…not on the whims or fears of others.

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