Shaklee VIVIX vs. High Blood Pressure–Testimony!

//Shaklee VIVIX vs. High Blood Pressure–Testimony!

“I have high blood pressure that is controlled by a diuretic and beta blocker combination medication.  Usually even with medication my systolic ranges between 129-138 and my diastolic between 75-83 and my pulse would range anywhere from 80-91 (rarely dropping below 80).

After five days on Vivix™ my blood pressure was 111/69 and pulse 59.  The only thing different that I have been doing prior to this low reading is Vivix™.  The past few days, my bp seems to be consistently around 122/73 and pulse 70.  That’s pretty pleasing to me.  I hope to eventually be able to come off all medications.  I do supplement with magnesium and CoQ10 to counteract what my bp medication causes in nutrient deficiencies, but I’d rather not have the stuff going through my system.

I have not been on any other medications, not changed my diet any and my exercise level is still around 7500 steps a day and some light resistance workouts with 5 lb weights.

Overall, I seem to have more energy and am better able to concentrate. I would recommend that you take Vivix™ in the morning so you can get the benefit of more energy throughout the day. ”

Genia Powell

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