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//Restore Your Life

So far I have blogged on how to have a healthy body, but this blog is about the health of your soul.  Over the years I have had many various health issues–plantar fasciitis for 14 years and back and neck problems, with intense headaches, for the past 8 years are just among a few.  Because of my various physical problems, I have spent many years of my life researching natural remedies to alleviate the pain and promote health.  Through my research, I’ve found many helpful things to attack the physical problems, but I have also made a revolutionizing discovery.

Human beings were created with three parts–body, soul, and spirit.  We can’t just fix one part of ourselves and leave the other two areas unattended. What you do in one part affects your whole being.   Which brings me to my discovery–Your body often manifests the state of your soul or spirit. By that I mean that what is going on inside a person often comes out in physical symptoms.  If someone is stressed constantly, even science proves that this depresses the immune system.  If a person is constantly angry or has suppressed rage, research shows many different problems that can arise–intestinal, stomach, arthritis, and bone issues to name a few.

So after years of attacking my physical body and not seeing complete healing, I have been lead down another path–go after the healing of the soul and spirit and see what physical changes ensue.   Furthermore, I have areas in my own life, in the soul-ish realm (the mind, heart, and emotions), that I want to be free of and healed from.

In the past, my natural tendency  with personal areas of struggle (Ex. Anger, sensitivity, fear, etc.) was to read more self help books, pray more, or any number of other ways  to attack the symptoms rather than finding the ROOT and getting rid of it altogether.

I want to share with you something Nathan and I had the privilege of doing two weeks ago that did not just attack symptoms but went straight to the roots of issues and got rid of them altogether. It IS possible to be free and healed!  We don’t just have to SURVIVE in life and live with the way we are and the way life has turned out for us.  We can change and we can find true freedom.  I never knew God healed so much. Keep reading!

Two weeks ago we had the most incredible week of our lives.  As individuals we have been forever changed, our marriage will never be the same, and our children have different parents now!  We were able to get away to beautiful Hendersonville, NC to a place called Restoring the Foundations.  The ministry is located at the gorgeous Echo Mountain Inn–a perfect place for a get-away!  I have never experienced what I did while we were there!

All of us have good and bad days.  Most of us wrestle with things in our personality or character flaws that we desperately want to be free of.  If we are honest with ourselves, we realize that our past has had a powerful ability to shape who we are today.  Some live in denial of “problem areas” in their lives, but I think most just don’t know where to turn to find true and lasting freedom from daily struggles.

Every person has a uniquely woven story.  However, we encounter different bumps along that way that shape our story, relationships, and even our personality.  Restoring the Foundations is a prayer ministry that deals with four foundational problem areas that are core to humanity.  When these four areas are dealt with in a general period of time there seems to be much more permanent healing and freedom.

Nothing is as powerful as your own personal experience and both Nathan and I can say that we have experienced true freedom and healing from many of life’s wounds and struggles for the first time ever!  It is something I want every person to experience.  If you are interested or would like to consider attending Restoring the Foundations yourself, as a single or a couple, you can get more info about the ministry at

Nathan and I had an incredible husband-wife team, Mark and Julie Buckman, take us through our ministry week.  They are the sweetest couple and helped us more than we can even tell you!  We highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in going through a week of RTF.  You can contact them personally and register on their website,

I pray today that someone will begin the journey towards freedom so that you can live the abundant life you have been given and fulfill the destiny that God has for you!


  • I came to your blog because I missed you and look what I find….what a blessing.

    Julie 04.08.2009
  • Jenni and Nathan…..,

    Having just returned from my own Restoring the Foundations week of ministry, I just want to thank you and Nathan for being willing to share your “guts” with all who find their way to your blog. Many people’s lives will be challanged and changed for the better in many ways when they find all the many wonderful things you share here.
    Thank you for your love, your encouragment and for supporting me and your sis as we made our way to the mountains in N.C. and came home healthier and whole in spirit, soul and body….I love you!


    Laura Atkins 06.09.2009
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  • We really appreciate you two! We are excited and honored that you are part of our lives. We love getting to learn and read about where you have been and the journey to where you are now.

    You are a blessing!

    Chris 16.03.2013

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