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This is great advice from a wise friend, health guru, and nutritionist, Stan Pulliam, on how to recover from childbirth.  He has been helping people (myself included) for over 30 years.  I have taken his advice, and it has worked…all 4 times!  I hope this helps you as much as it helped me!

Stan has 4 beautiful adult children who have never been to a doctor a single day in their life, nor have they ever had a single ounce of medication. I’m not a crazy woman advocating to never ever take medicine.  However, I DO know that Stan inspired me 12 years ago to go for above average. He inspired me that it IS possible to raise healthy children in which we can truly PREVENT sickness and disease rather than living at the doctors offices.  I chose to go with his plan rather than living a life of Drs. co-pays and sick visits every month.  I am happy to say that it has worked. Our oldest is approaching 10 and she has never been to a doctor either….none of our children have.

One thing about us women though is that we are so great about taking care of our kids but neglect ourselves in the process.  From the additional pounds we pack on and can’t get off after having babies, to the energy depletion, hormone imbalance, and overall feeling of being less than human for years after our kids are born, we are always the last person to be taken care of. Thank you Stan  and Shaklee for helping me to raise healthy kids, but for also helping me to rebuild my health so I can be the mom I need to be for them every day.


“While it is true that babies are fearfully and wonderfully made by the hand of God, nevertheless, every single molecule of that baby’s body has to come from someplace. It either must come from what you put into your mouth, or as the baby develops inside of you, it will literally suck its very life and vitality out of every muscle, organ, and tissue of your body. The result for most women is that after giving birth you never quite seem to completely bounce back physically to where you were before you got pregnant.

Then you do that again, and then maybe a third time, and you begin to experience all kinds of nebulous symptoms where things just don’t feel right, just don’t always work right, and you can’t quite muster up the drive or just the sense of well-being that you once had.

I have young mothers calling me quite frequently with just this scenario. They’ve been to the “doctor” and tried to describe their multiplicity of symptoms. But because they don’t actually have a “disease” the


doctor can’t put some specific disease diagnosis on it. Consequently, what happens in many cases is that the doctor will prescribe antidepressants just to make the young woman feel better about the whole situation. Doctors, of course, have no training at all in how to help you recover your health. They are only trained in the diagnosis and “management” of those diseases that have an official insurance billing number.

What you’ve actually got to do is rebuild the weakened or missing cell tissue that you have contributed from your body to the bodies of your children. Vitamins are an important part of that, but healthy new cell tissue is not built out of vitamins, but out of protein.

First of all, you need the Shaklee protein — either the Shaklee 180 or the Energizing Soy Protein. Drinking this in addition to a good diet will actually improve the value you are getting from the other protein you are getting in your diet. Cells are built out of protein, not vitamins. Hormones are built out of protein, not vitamins. Vitamins are simply catalysts that enable various protein reactions to take place.

So if you are struggling with recovery from childbirth, start with the protein, and then add to that the Vitalizer with the full range of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids necessary to the process of rebuilding your strength and vitality.

You may also need to remove the build-up of waste and toxins that hinder and slow down the most efficient use of all the good nutrition you are taking in. These toxins may be just the accumulated result of normal metabolism that has gotten backed up in your system. They may be toxic residues of drugs and antibiotics that you were given during the baby delivery/birthing process, or drugs that you’ve been given since then. This is where the herbs in Shaklee Herb-Lax come in. These herbs draw toxins out of your liver, out of your lymphatic system, out of your blood stream, as well as improve the transit time of waste moving through your body.

So the Shaklee Protein (Energizing Soy or Shaklee 180) builds the cells, the Vitalizer for Women feeds and activates the cells, and the herbs in Herb-Lax help cleanse and detoxify the cells. This is the foundation for rebuilding what you have depleted in yourself by giving so much of yourself to the body of your child.

But while you will likely see subtle but significant improvement within the first month or so, it is important to realize the necessity of making a 6 month commitment to this process, because it takes about 6 months of improved nutrient intake to really get this process of regeneration going at the level that you need for full recovery.

It is also important to realize that the rebuilding process is not often experienced as a steady upward climb. It may seem an up and down experience — as the body goes through cycles of tearing down damaged tissue and generating new tissue, then tearing down more damaged tissue and generating more new tissue, etc. It is not unusual to experience “Flu-like symptoms” as a part of this healing crisis. But stick with it!”



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