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From Nancy Mellott

“I want to share my experience with Shaklee products for prenatal nutrition.

I began trusting and using Shaklee products first with my children, one who has asthma and allergies, and the other is suspected ADHD and had severe eczema.  That’s 2 other long successful stories in themselves.  At any rate, I saw and experienced the way 2 little bodies were able to heal and restore health naturally.

After beginning my third pregnancy, I quickly realized that I was back in the same boat as the first two, with nausea, fatigue, constipation, and water retention, and my allergies were out of control- I relied on Claritin daily.  After pitching the Dr’s prescribed prenatal vitamins and starting Vita-Lea for Women (3 a day), B-Complex (2-6 daily), Energizing Protein, OsteoMatrix (Calcium/Magnesium), Alfalfa (20 per day), and the antioxidants (Sustained Release Vita-C and Caratomax), my energy level and pregnancy took a turn for the better.

(**Note: many of these supplements listed can now be found in one handy strip called Vitalizer for Women, minus the OsteoMatrix and Alfalfa.  Too take additional supplements throughout the day, you can purchase individually).

This pregnancy was fantastic from that point forward.  It was the first time I did not test positive for gestational diabetes, my blood pressure remained normal throughout, and my naps were no longer a necessity.  Also I gained 10 pounds less than I had with either of the first two, and my 3rd baby was a full pound heavier at delivery.  He has by far been the healthiest infant, and nursing has been easy and fun — still.

Synthetic “prenatals” cram all the nutrients into 1 tablet that doesn’t even breakdown most of the time.

If we choose to have another baby it will be “Shaklee-ized” from the womb. I wish I knew about these incredible products sooner.  The new starter packages will be great to offer expecting moms a prenatal supplement pack, with all the folic acid they need.  We need to get them into the OB offices, so people know there are alternatives.”

Best of luck,
Nancy Mellott


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