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We all know there are certain things we need to do to be healthy—exercise, eat right, get good sleep each night, stay stress free, and supplement (to make up for what our diet is NOT giving us!).

All of these things contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle.  I’m sure we all have probably felt the negative effects of having one or several of these areas out of balance.

Food is one of the biggest areas that is contributing to poor health in America.  Soil has been depleted of nutrients, leaving our food wanting. The average American consumes 156 lbs. of sugar per year. In addition, we rely on fast food restaurants to make our family dinner every night, and much of our daily intake consists of highly processed food with little or no nutrients.  No wonder our country has come in third to last in health in the world. In other words, we are the third sickest country in the world!!  Heart disease and cancer is on the rise.

Due to our depleted diets, supplementing has become a “must.”  But with so many nutritional companies out there, how do you know which one is the best?  How do you know which products you can trust to put into your body? I don’t know about you, but our family is very cautious about what we allow to go “down the hatch.”

Two things have always been important to us when deciding which company to choose: Research and Longevity.  I need to see the research that proves a product will do what it says it will do and that it has been tested on a real, live person before slapping a label on it with amazing claims.  Longevity speaks to how long a company been around.  Another great question to ask is if a vitamin is synthetic or natural.

For us, the answer to these questions was found in a company called Shaklee.  While there are many other reputable companies out there, Shaklee has been proven to be a step above in research and quality.  And, as they say, the “proof is in the pudding.”  Shaklee has been around for 53 years. They are the number one nutritional company in the U.S. and have lead the way in natural nutrition since the 50’s.  Our family has been changed by this company. Everyone has health issues, whether big or small, and we were no different! To read our stories, see below.

If you have a story to share, please comment or email us at info@healthyoates.com. We would love to post your story!

Nathan’s Story:


One human tendency is to do nothing about your health until tragedy strikes and forces your hand. In 1998, tragedy struck for my family.  My older brother, Andrew, received the news that he had cancer in his eyes–38 tumors to be exact.  His tumors were inoperable and doctors could not give him radiation or chemo or he could go blind.  “What are my options?” my mother asked. “Find a good alternative and pray it works,” was the doctor’s reply.  So our family decided through prayer to go with the best natural nutritional company in the U.S. and trust that Andrew would be healed.

Andrew and our whole family got on Shaklee right away.  He also went to Mexico once a year for cancer fighting nutrients. Within 1 ½ years, his cancer was completely gone…and it still is to this day, 11 years later.  After being on all the supplements, my family started to see other amazing changes in their health–migraines disappearing, better immunity, more energy, and Mononucleosis disappearing in 2 weeks!

I personally battled allergies for years but have seen those disappear as well with basic nutrition and one specific product that built my immune system enough to fight off whatever was causing the allergy.

Jenni and I have both used Shaklee products to fuel our workouts for the past 11 years as well. We work hard and play hard, and therefore rely on these products to keep us going.


Jenni’s Story:

In high school I struggled for 3 years with an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa.  I went from 120 lbs. down to 82 lbs. My dream of playing Division I basketball or soccer was slipping away before my eyes. No scouts would ever consider someone as small and weak as I was. My hard work and determination covered up my weakness and muscle loss for a long time.  However, my senior year I knew I had to made a turn-around and regained lost muscle and began eating properly again.  I was scouted to play Division I soccer at Liberty University.

Although I was eating properly again, my body had not recovered from the years of damage I had done to it. I would consistently have intense abdominal pain, completely debilitating me from playing or even moving at times.  I would also frequently pass out after really hard runs with the team and my digestive system was not functioning properly.

Then I was introduced to Shaklee by my future husband.  Within three months of being on the foundational nutrition plan it seemed that 4 years worth of damaged had been washed away…for good. I’ve never had another digestive problem or pain since.

Eating disorders are something that need physical healing, as well as spiritual and emotional.  I have found this type of healing through an organization called Restoring the Foundations.

Due to my years of soccer and running, I also developed plantar fasciitis in both feet at the age of 14. I also suffered from migraines and serious back problems.  My feet issues got worse with each passing year until there was so much scar tissue in both feet that walking became nearly impossible.  At age 28, after my fourth child was born, I had to put him on a towel and pull him across the floor while my husband was at work because it was too painful to walk.  Then I heard about VIVIX, a product that has changed my life.  It reverses cellular damage.  I got on it and within 1.5 months, 14 years of pain went away!  It seems to good to be true, but it is my experience.  In regards to my migraines,

I had one 28 out of 30 days of the month.  With VIVIX, they disappeared.

Once your life has been changed by something, you want other people to know about it.  So that’s what we do…we take great products and then share them with other people in hopes that their lives will be changed too.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Read our other posts to see why Shaklee is the number one nutrition company in the U.S. and changing lives one at a time!

If you are interested in knowing more about the company, products or incredible lifetime opportunity that there is in Shaklee, contact us at info@healthyoates.com or check out our website.


  • You guys rock and I LOVE these posts!!

    Zach Gray 09.06.2010
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  • I am on fasttrack as well and am wondering if you have any secrets or ways of prospecting or promotion that has worked well for you. I have just finished my 3 months of Director and need some pointers to keep going, if you would share them with me, I would sure appreciate it.
    Thanks so much.

    Leah 10.01.2011
    • That’s great! Keep working hard! I’m not sure about “secrets” 🙂 but have a plan and look for leaders who want to do this with you. Let’s chat via email if you’d like. Keep it up! You can do it!!

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