Obstacles to Exercising Removed with BURST Training!

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I’m not one who typically loves to exercise even though I know it is a must for overall health and wellness.  I also don’t enjoy spending time in a gym or buying gym memberships, so finding something I enjoy that works for my schedule and my budget has been a challenge through the years.

When I was first introduced to BURSTClub™ through its creators and founders, Nathan & Jenni Oates, I was in the middle of “menopause” with an expanding waistline, low energy, and a typical “40-something” weight gain.  I was skeptical that such quick, yet intense exercises could accomplish so much by way of toning, strengthening and sculpting my changing and challenging body issues–but it began a positive change and is continuing to this day!

I love that I can literally be through the workouts and finished in 10 to 15 minutes, have my metabolism revved up, and get a great jump start to my day.

The Oates get us!  They understand the frustration of trying to follow and stay in sync with someone on an exercise video, only to get lost and quit! They have mastered a sleek, simple, user-friendly approach through their instructional videos for each and every workout. They have removed all obstacles that can leave most of us very frustrated and confused when trying to get an exercise plan going.

I would recommend BURSTClub™ to anyone, whether you’re a die-hard athlete, a beginner, or somewhere in between.  BURSTClub™ is quick, effective, and simply put…it works.

The results are in the mirror, or on the scale, or better yet, in those favorite pair of jeans you stuck in the back of your closet way back when….and now…you can slip them on and zip them up…easily….YES!

Thank you Nathan & Jenni!

–Laura A, Tennessee

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