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As we all journey towards better health, one of the first things we do is start researching.


It’s so easy to get lost in this world of “research.”  I did years ago.  I wanted to know everything about everything…which is not necessarily bad.  However, something I quickly discovered is that there is “supporting” evidence on so many health debates for both sides. SO, how in the heck do I know which angle is right??   I got so scared to even eat food period because one article says this is bad, the other says it’s good.


Then there’s the question of supplements, protein, personal care products, etc.


One of the biggest things that’s a HOT health debate is Soy Protein….is it safe, will it cause breast cancer or man-boobs, and it is all Genetically Engineered (GMO)?


Here are a few things I concluded on my journey


1. Soy Protein is Actually GOOD!


I’ve heard many doctors talk about how awful soy protein is.  Writing it off in general is like saying there’s no difference at all between butter and margarine or cheese and Velveeta!


You have to compare to like things – HOW the soy protein is processed makes all the difference in the world.  Shaklee’s Soy protein is processed with a patented process called the Identity Preservation Process…Nothing is heated (which kills live enzymes) but cold pressed to keep the food alive.   And it is NON-GMO soy protein and always has been.


Dr. Shaklee actually INVENTED the first protein isolate powder in the 1960s – and what did he use? Soy protein! Why?  Because of all the amazing health benefits of soy – it’s basically considered a super food.


2. Much internet “research” is actually not based in any real research at all!


So often I found what I was calling “research”  was me just scouring the internet and reading blog sites and articles.  But what shocked me after some digging was some of the “research” I was reading was not really research at all…and sometimes even funded by Big Pharma.  What I mean by that is the medical industry sometimes has an agenda to keep people from finding natural solutions because it takes money from their pocket at the end of the day.


I state that knowing it will make someone upset so please know I’m not saying all doctors or health professionals fall under this.  But there is factual evidence of hidden agendas in the government that oftentimes produces false or slanted information online.


Shaklee’s research and clinical studies are just that – real research and real clinical studies.  Everything is 3rd party verified so the research doesn’t get slanted. It’s easy to do  your own lab research and slant the results in your favor. Shaklee doesn’t do that….it’s verified by unbiased outside parties to make sure it’s accurate.


It also helps to have some decorated doctors and PHDs who know far more than I do and have done their “homework” say that soy is good and that Shaklee’s is the best in the industry.


    Soy Checklist




3. I’m Going to Trust the Company that’s Been Around the Longest, Helped the Most People (with proof of changed Lives), and Has the Research to Back it Up


I had to ask myself, who has the most research, never had recalled products, been creating the most healthier lives, and who has products that work?


Shaklee answered all of those questions for us….


They’ve invested $300 Million in research and development, had no recalled products (for 57 years I might add!), invented protein powder and used Soy from Day 1 because of it’s super food qualities (Dr. Shaklee saw it before it got twisted – just like the butter to margarine example, people turn good soy into plastic soy), and the products have worked for 57 years to not just help general health but to help with all sorts of shocking illnesses.  A large part of the companies daily foundational nutrition suggestions are soy protein…again, because it works.


Another thing I noticed was they don’t pay anyone to endorse or sponsor their products like big companies like Nike (Michael Jordan) or even companies in our industry like Advocare (not to slam them, because I don’t believe in that…but the facts are there – they pay their endorsements, regardless of if that person actually likes and uses the product or not).


Shaklee, also they’ve been asked many times, has refused to do this because they want an endorsement to be a real live person who has tried it, liked it, and tells about it.  As a Division I Soccer player years ago, this impressed me so much to see 100s of our top athletes in the nation trusting Shaklee. They can get yanked out of bed anytime of any day and drug tested. Many in the Olympics have been stripped of medals because of positive drug tests – only to find it wasn’t drugs. It was high levels of mercury or other heavy metals built up in their bodies because of the proteins they were using.  These Olympic athletes will ONLY trust Shaklee.


  Sneak Peak Into Shaklee Soy



4. Lastly, At the end of the Day, The “Proof is in the Pudding” so to Speak


I’ve seen it help me with fibromyalgia, digestive issues from a past eating disorder, weight loss after 4 babies in 6 years, and balancing my CRAZY hormones!!


OH, and the doosey is actually what got us looking at Shaklee in the first place –  Nathan’s brother had 38 tumors disappear after a year and a half on Shaklee – he could do nothing medically for the tumors.  A large part of his daily regimen?  Shaklee soy protein!


And lastly, our most prized possessions, our kids – they’ve been on Shaklee Soy Protein every day of their life since 4 months old and my oldest is almost 11 – none of them have ever been to a doctor a day in their life.  They have strong immune systems, travel the world with us, go to schools and nurseries, and no issues. They get sick like anyone else does, but they always kick it within 24-48 hours.


So, if you are on the journey and feeling lost in the “research”, know that everyone has to come to their own personal conclusion based on the data they have in front of them.   For me personally, I decided to not put my trust in a blogger (that includes my blog! :)) or articles from companies you have no idea who they are or who is funding them!  In a world that is getting more and more sketchy and scary when it comes to our food, I decided to put some trust in a company that has


  1. Invested more in research than most other companies combined
  2. Has more clinical studies (over 100) than most combined
  3. Has an actual team of 70 scientists doctors and nutritionists that create their products.


I’m none of those things, so it feels good to trust a company that has them all so I don’t have to be!  Happy journeying!



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    Joanne Webb, Director, Lafayette, IN

    Joanne and Dan Webb 30.07.2013
    • I’m sorry Joanne! Obviously we were very swamped with speaking and tons of team coming into town. I did not get this message. It’s hard to juggle everything at convention! Hope you had an amazing time and took a lot away!

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    Joanne and Dan Webb 31.07.2013
  • Good info. Love the checklist from Dr Chaney. Was there supposed to be a link for the Sneak Peek Into Shaklee Soy? If it is I couldn’t get it to work. Would like to see that as well. Thanks for all you do for the Shaklee field.

    Judy 06.08.2013
    • Thank you! I will look into the link!

      njadmin 01.09.2013
  • Thanks for this article…
    I have had plenty of people asking about why we use Soy, and aren’t we concerned that it’s soy….yadda yadda.

    So, thank you. This is very timely.

    Chris 07.08.2013
  • I had someone questioning soy and sent them the link to this blog entry. However, the “Sneak Peak into Shaklee Soy” doesn’t seem to work. Would love to see it.

    Sharon 03.09.2013
  • Hi. I was wondering if you can provide evidence that Shaklee’s soy has always been non-gmo. I have come across an article (although it’s hardly reliable) stating otherwise. It was mentioned in the article that previously they did not have a way to verify the soy they were receiving from their sources was non-gmo (which is understandable and highly likely) At any rate I would appreciate any information you have about that as well as the process they use turning raw soy (beans) into their products.

    Thank you!

    P.S. I hope this doesn’t come off as a debate. I did not see an email address for contact or I would have addressed my questions there. Please free to delete my comment if you’d like and connect with me through email.

    Tara 09.01.2014
    • Hey Tara! I don’t take it as a debate! I’m sorry for the delayed response. I will do my best to get you a link to some resources

      njadmin 11.02.2014
  • Or if you choose to leave the comment feel free to delete my p.s. 🙂

    Tara 09.01.2014

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