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My freshman year of high school, I began the downward spiral of an eating disorder, dangerously dropping from 120 lbs. to 82 lbs.  As an avid athlete with dreams of playing at the Division I level,  my hopes were nearly crushed my junior year of high school when I broke my leg in a soccer game due to my fragile state.  At a crossroads, I decided to make a shift and began eating properly again. I regained muscle and strength and signed with a Division I school for soccer.


In the following years, I no longer starved myself, but became obsessed with long hours of exercise, believing it to be the only way to stay fit.  After 2-3 practices a day, I’d hit the gym and run 5-10 miles.  This rigorous routine continued even after I got married and had 4 babies in 6 years.


In essence, I had traded one “system” (starving myself) for another (obsessive exercise) in an attempt to maintain a healthy weight.


After my 4th child, my body didn’t bounce back like it had before.  In spite of eating healthy and running 10 miles a day, I found myself stuck overweight, tired all the time, and getting nowhere but frustrated, fast!


Then I was introduced to the Shaklee 180 Program for my nutrition, as well as workouts.  In 2 months, I lost over 15 lbs. and decreased my workouts from hours a day to minutes.  My body transformed as the inches fell off.  My normal size had always been a 4 but I dropped to a size 0 and got more toned than I’d ever been in all my collegiate years of training.


The best part of Shaklee 180 for me was not the lower size.  It was the freedom it gave me from obsessing over food or exercise because it works!


No longer do I feel locked into running for hours a day in order to stay in shape!  What used to take me hours and hours to maintain now takes me just minutes…30 seconds to mix up a shake and 15 minutes for my workout.   Shaklee 180 and workouts have allowed me to create a healthy lifestyle and a lean body without having to kill myself physically or mentally.  My body and mind have been transformed. Gone are the days of beating myself up!


Join the Journey


I’m so thankful for amazing friends that have walked this journey with me. Their support and accountability is a huge part of my success.  Brooke Thomas, a great friend, nutrition coach, and president of has been a huge encouragement and inspiration to make health a lifestyle.  Her tips and continued pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is what we all need to plug into to keep us going on the hard days!!  My friend Tara Dulin never ceases to amaze me. She is a fitness instructor, home school mom, and entrepreneur and her own personal journey of transformation has inspired me on!  She began her journey after 3 miscarriages and the ensuing weight and depression that followed. She is a new woman, a dear friend, and someone I have loved living life with.


And we all need a momma to cheer us on.  My spiritual mom, Laura Atkins, has been life to me.  From the day I met her, she has literally breathed life back into dead places in my heart. She is a huge reason why I am where I am today…even after loss, tragedy, and heartache.  She has personally lived everything she’s ever taught me.


And my amazing sister Rebekah Joy….enough could not be said about what she has meant to me and how she has impacted my life.  She has walked with me through hell and back again, and has been there for every step of my physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental transformation. If is wasn’t for her unceasing encouragement and presence, I’m not sure where I would be.  There are so many more who have impacted my transformation journey and helped me along the way!!




We all need people to “do life” with.  The accountability and support were huge for my success, and I know will be for yours too.  If you want to start transforming your body today, I’d love to help you reach your goal…which for most people, leads to a more than just a physical transformation.  I know it did for me!



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