No More Frustrating Workouts

//No More Frustrating Workouts

Are you frustrated with where you are at physically?  Is time the number one reason why you do not workout?  Or are you not seeing results from the workout you are doing?  Maybe you are actually getting results from your workout.  If so, how long are you having to workout to get those results?  45 minutes?  1 hour?  Would you like to get the same results in a fraction of the time?

Our passion for fitness and health drove us to find a better way.  Our research led us to burst training.  Our biggest problem seemed to be we could not find much on the internet about HOW to do burst training or WHAT exactly to do.  So after much research and development, we created a system called B.U.R.S.TCore™ that is highly effective and can be done anywhere!  Visit to see more.

Gym membership  is not necessary and we have loved being able to do a B.U.R.S.TCore™ workout 5 or so times a week, get done with each one in 10 minutes, and have the rest of the day to do the necessary things of life.  Working out shouldn’t interfere with your life, nor should it consume your life!

An Incredible Two-Part Plan

If you are serious about getting fit and losing weight, get on this incredible inch loss plan that is the perfect compliment to our BURSTCore™ system. Shaklee 180 will help you lose the fat and inches you don’t want, while retaining 100% of your lean muscle mass.  There is no weight management program out there that has the research to prove it helps you maintain 100% of your muscle. So if you are trying to lose weight, beware that you are not losing muscle with the fat.  Remember that when you lose muscle, you lower your metabolism, thus creating the horrible Yo-Yo dieting cycle!


  • […] Burst Training is a unique concept of exercise that combines both cardio and resistance training into one, compact workout. Your actual work is 3 minutes long!   With rest periods, the workout takes a total of 10-12 minutes. Studies have proven that Burst Training is 80% more effective at burning fat and retaining lean muscle than if you were to do a long duration, low intensity type workout. Remember, all movement is good, but if you are looking to get your body into the optimal fat burning zone, check out Burst Training. […]

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