Need a Pantry Overhaul? Watch These Videos for Healthy Solutions!

//Need a Pantry Overhaul? Watch These Videos for Healthy Solutions!

Are you frustrated with your daily eating routine? I talk to so many people who say the same thing: “I’m just not sure what to eat.” Many of us desire to eat healthier, have more energy, and know that we are giving the best to our family…without busting the bank.  But how do we do it?

Look no further! Sami Cone, of, and I have created a complete video series for you called “Pantry Solutions for Healthy Eating Plans.”   Sami asked me to come over to her house one night and do what we all dread…have someone go through our pantry!!!  She graciously agreed to film her journey of walking through each item so that you all could benefit from the things she learned about what items are healthier options, how to read labels, and more!

Check out this teaser video of our series.

Click any of the links below to access these individual videos from Sami’s site!

One motto in our home that helps us to make better choices is “You won’t eat it if you don’t buy it.” As simple as this sounds, it is true. We will not eat something if we have not first made the choice to purchase it. I’ve had those moments of having to say “no” to something that was in my pantry staring at me.  It would’ve been far easier had I said “no” to it when it was 2 miles away at the grocery store!

We are all bombarded on a daily basis with advertising and marketing that tells you one thing. But when you get down to it, read the label, and do a little digging for yourself, you will find that what those advertisers are claiming may not be entirely true!!  Thanks to our freedom of speech (which I’m so thankful for!) they can say whatever they want regardless of how much truth is there to support their claims.  For example, manufacturers can claim, “All Natural” on a label if it is at least 10% natural. YIKES!!

Isn’t it true that we all just go to the store and buy mostly the same things “just because?”  Or maybe you are a bargain queen like my friend Sami. She is the best at finding great deals. Through this adventure through her pantry she has learned with bargains to take advantage of and which ones to pass on by. You may spend less on your food with some of those deals, but in the process Sami found she was oftentimes sacrificing her health. You will pay for it eventually through frequent doctor visits, medicine, etc.  Sami is still a bargain shopper, but she has found how to do save money and save her health. Check out her incredible tips at, for the latest on how to live healthy on a budget and other great family fun bargains!

Our family is by no means perfect but we are on a health journey.  I say journey because it is just that. Some days we go forward, some days back. But we are always moving in the direction of optimal health for our family as a whole. We want to invite you into this portion of our journey as we explore my friend’s pantry. I hope what you see here will encourage you as you try to make good choices for yourself and your family too! Remember, the bigger picture is to achieve better health for you and your family.

Take it one step at a time and add the healthier options in at a pace your family can handle…you don’t want to scare them off in the process.  Some families can just clean out the whole pantry and everyone would be on board with the decision.  For others, well, it might take a little longer, but that’s OK!

Oh, and eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad! There is usually a healthier alternative once you learn to read labels and know what to stay away from.  I’ve got several of our favorite recipes here! My absolute favorite that we make weekly is our homemade HealthyOates Protein Bars. If you add the chocolate on top they are just like a Reese’s Cup! We make a pan a week and grab these as we run out the door to go shopping so we are never tempted to grab something less nutritious!

We hope you enjoy this series! Leave your thoughts, ideas, and comments below!


  • I wanted to show my girls but the website wouldn’t let me open it. Fridays are our nutrition days. So, I wanted to have a lesson on reading labels and why it’s so important. I watched it last night and it was fine. Thanks, Stacy

    stacy vanprooyen 08.04.2011
    • I”m sorry it didn’t work for you Stacy! I’ve checked it and it is fine! I wonder if there was some setting on your computer hindering it?? What a great idea to watch it with your kids! I hope it works out! Let me know what they think!

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