Natural Solution for Fatigue

//Natural Solution for Fatigue

Testimony By: Linda Larson

I have been employed by UPS for nearly 12 years. The biggest challenge of that job has been fighting fatigue resulting from my 3:15 am “wake-up” call! I started Vivix August 2008. I heard amazing stories of what VIVIX was doing, but I didn’t have a “story” of my own. I just knew that I was feeling generally better. Fast Forward to January, 2009—I placed a bottle of VIVIX and a spoon in my van so that I would be consistent in taking Vivix every day. Several days later I recognized that I was “extra alert” while out driving the truck. There were no yawns, no tired moments, and no fatigue at all! The ONLY thing I was doing different from my normal routine was taking VIVIX every morning at 4:15 am! I soon discovered why I was extra alert and energized.

Vivix impacts the “4 Key Mechanisms of Cellular Aging”

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