How I Pushed Reset on my Fitness

//How I Pushed Reset on my Fitness

8 months after my fourth baby (I’m holding my nephew in this picture) I was eating salads and running 5-10 miles a day.


But I was stuck…Jenni Oates Before Picture

        …and frustrated.

                  …and hurting.


Why weren’t all my efforts working this time?  After each baby I’d always just run and run and eventually I seemed to get back into shape.  But this time my body hurt…badly. Fibromyalgia, migraines, and pain became the daily norm.


Nathan and I went on a personal quest to discover a different way of exercising – a better way – that didn’t leave me feeling like a Mac Truck had run over me ever day.  In addition, our frustration with fad diets and workouts that ended 30-60 days after they started, as well as some health issues, led us to research our options.


The unexpected, life-altering loss of our number 3 child further solidified our quest for efficiency.  Our son’s short time with our family taught us a powerful truth – one minute matters and can have lasting impact.


For years the number 3 represented pain and loss to us. Now it represents life and hope – life lived maximizing the moments and hope that health and fitness don’t have to be so all-consuming and complicated. You won’t find fads with us…only simple solutions for busy people that work as a lifestyle and redefine time.


What we found shocked and excited us.   My long workouts were producing a hormone called cortisol and my body was on overload.  Simply put, I was stressed….from the inside out.  Not only was this hormone causing devastating effects on my body, it was keeping me from being the lean, mean, fat-burning machine I wanted to be!


But thankfully, the story doesn’t end there…



This is me months after I realized I could get more out of my workout in less time (I seriously think I heard the Hallelujah Chorus sang from the heavens that day!).  For a runner and former athlete, you bet your biscuits I was scared to death to stop my rigorous and lengthy routine and…do WHAT?  Work out LESS?


“You have to be kidding me! This will never work,” I thought.


But the research was overwhelming.  I was reading about how you could become a fat-burner for 24 hours a day, increase you VO2 level (the ability of your cells to hold more oxygen so you can go harder and longer), and decrease pain and inflammation in your body.


Then I saw my husband get absolutely ripped, right before my eyes and decided I could “get on or get left behind” with this new way of working out – burst training.  (I’m not a “get-left-behind” kind of girl, so I got on).


The rest is history. I’m pain-free, workout minutes a day, and have kissed obsession good-bye.


I can get my workout done before my kids are done drinking their protein shakes for breakfast  (And sometimes, they even like to join me).   I used to have to hassle with car seats, get a sitter, or go for hours a day.  Now I go for an occasional jog because I want to, not because I feel like I have to (for all you runners you know exactly what I mean!  You feel like you can’t take a day off or you “lose” all your hard work!).



Do you feel frustrated with your routine and feel like you should be getting more out of it?  What are you wishing for that you don’t have right now?  Tell me about it in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!



Fitness is one piece of having a healthy body and achieving the shape you want.  There were two things that I did to help myself nutritionally – I did the Shaklee 180 program and out of that wrote a book called 5 ALIVE outlining exactly how I ate and how I overcame several mental obstacles as well.  If you are looking for a nutrition plan, these 2 go hand in hand and get amazing results!!


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