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Almost four years ago my life was changed forever with the birth of our twin girls!  While having twins is wonderful, it took a toll on my body.  I gained 60 lbs. during my pregnancy and I was tired, my body ached, and I was depressed about being overweight.  When my weight hit an all-time high I knew I had to do something.

On my birthday I decided to give myself a gift…the gift of health and fitness.  I chose BURSTClub™ 3-minute workouts to help build lean muscle and recharge my metabolism.  I also added a nutrition program called Shaklee 180 to simplify my eating habits and rebuild my health.

I’ve lost 31.8 pounds and 17 inches of fat over the past 6 months. I now have the energy to keep up with my 3½ year old twins, my fitness level has improved, and I enjoy staying active with my family.

I feel good knowing that I’m setting a good example for my girls by having a healthy lifestyle.  My whole family has changed the way we think about food and exercise.  This is a life-long change, rather than something temporary.

I am half-way to my goal, and plan to lose another thirty pounds to be back to pre-baby weight. BURSTClub™ workouts are so simple that if a mom of twins can follow these plans, anyone can.  Thank you BURSTClub™ for helping me take the first step on my journey to a healthier and longer life!

–Becky C, Tennessee

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