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Happy New Year!


Well, sort of…


Every year, I think of September as the “Mommy New Year.”  This is the time of year us moms have just crammed in our last family vacation, BBQ, and trip to the pool.  Then we sped off to Walmart or Target to fight our way through the gauntlet of school supply isles, trying to get everything on the list before the first day of school.  Those of us brave enough to venture out on tax-free weekend may have encountered something akin to Black Friday – all in the name of school supplies.


Then there is the daunting task of figuring out school lunches.  Maybe you have the school lunch system down pat, but this year it felt overwhelming to gather school supplies for 4, get the proper clothing and shoes, and make sure backpacks were packed.  So lunches sort of snuck up on me.  I was exhausted after the first week of making lunches for the kids, thinking it was going to be a looong year if I was already having trouble figuring out what to pack them!   Did anyone else feel that way?


Thankfully, my kids have been in school for several weeks and we are settling in to our new routine.  Nathan and I aren’t running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we finally know all 4 of our kids teacher’s names (and aren’t mixing them up anymore!), and we haven’t forgotten any of our children at cross country or gymnastics practice (yet).


All the hustle and bustle of the start of school combined with being somewhat out of my normal routine during the summer makes for a great opportunity to push RESET now that school has started!



What is the Mommy New Year


Mommy New Year FINALAs moms, we are notorious for running ourselves ragged and investing loads of time into our children, homes, schooling (if you home school), and spouses.   Not to mention work if you are a working momma!  Juggling so many things is miraculous to say the least.  We women are pretty darn amazing when it comes to running our family and personal lives.


But all too often we manage everything else in our homes and lives well, but we don’t have much time or energy left for ourselves.


I’m sure you know the drill on this one.


I talk to 100s of women monthly and hear the same thing.  Summer vacation is a great time to play and hang with the kids but something tends to happen to us mommas in the midst of it all.   We get out of routine, vacation and splurge more frequently, and end up completely off track in our eating and exercise.  The tight jeans and the few extra pounds are what we are left with on the first day of school.


Then a sort of panic sets in as we realize fall and all the holidays are right around the corner!  We don’t want to start stacking holiday weight on summer pounds…but we feel overwhelmed and defeated.  Then come the barrage of thoughts of how hard it will be to change our habits, and then there’s that back to school bash coming up, and, oh gosh Halloween candy is already out and it sure looks tasty, and…


Before you know it, you’ve talked yourself into putting it off until New Years (and it’s not even October 1st yet!).  It’s amazing the downward spiral that can take place in our heads when we begin to dwell on negative thoughts!


Maybe you aren’t dealing with too-tight jeans.  When the kids walk out the door in the morning do you feel like collapsing back in to bed already or grabbing a gallon of coffee (or diet coke) just to get yourself moving?  I spoke to a mom last night who said she can’t seem to figure out why she is crashing every day around 2:00 in the afternoon.  I get it!  With all the ups and down that come in each of our lives, normal, routine things like getting our kids to school on time, making lunches, and completing homework can feel almost impossible some days and add to your energy depletion.


Stress not only sucks you of energy, it does a number on our hormones too ladies!  Research shows that you deplete vital nutrients immediately like vitamins C and B (this was a key factor in me struggling with fibromyalgia for two years) when you are stressed.  These vitamins protect you from feeling anxious or stressed, but when under stress, you use them up quickly.  These are two key vitamins that make up your hormones so guess what happens if you aren’t getting enough or live in a constant state of stress?  I call it the Crazy, Cranky, and Craving cycle!  You’re hormones go nuts and you feel crazy!


And let’s be honest with ourselves, trying to be a good, loving, and patient mom when your hormones are out of whack is not easy or much fun.



Mommy New Year RESET Ideas


Here are some things I am doing to push RESET on my Hormones, Weight, and Energy.  Making better choices in my food is a given, but it’s important to note that our food is likely not giving us all that we need to fuel our bodies to lose the weight, have balanced hormones, or sustained energy all day.  That’s why I am supplementing – it’s a quick and easy way to make sure I have the right “fuel” in the gas tank.


I personally will use Shaklee for my RESET because of the difference in how the products are sourced and made, as well as the stringent testing to make sure every ingredient is clear of anything impure, and because of the research the company has invested to make sure the products actually work.  How many times have you bought something because the label claimed it did all sorts of miraculous things and you didn’t notice any change at all?  Shaklee has invested over $250 million in research and development to ensure that doesn’t happen to you!   After 14 years of using the products, I can tell you they work and are better than anything else I’ve tried.


Pick one of these ideas to tackle first.  Or if you’re a go-getter tackle more than one!  I have done each of these in the past with incredible results.  I’ll be blogging in more detail on each of these later as well as sharing some of your stories so come back and visit if you’re trying to figure out if this is for you or not. 🙂


1. Lose Weight & Inches with Shaklee 180

Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit & Contents


If you are looking to shed the summer pounds, this is the PERFECT time to do it since the kids are back in their school routine.  The Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit is what I am using to get MYSELF back on a good routine.  It includes two high protein meals a day (smoothies or meal bars), a snack, a supplement to boost your metabolism and calorie burning, and an Energy Tea.  The Shaklee 180 Energy Tea is my favorite!  It will definitely curb that mid-afternoon slump.


You can check out the kit here or see the results I got years ago doing a Turnaround to see if it’s right for you.   I am doing a Turnaround again to trim up (I go to Mexico in December – holla!) and get me focused and ready for the holiday months that are right around the corner!  I LOVE the program because I only have to think about dinner for the day and a few snacks here and there!



2.  Regain Energy

Shaklee Foundations Regimen Free Shipping

Being on a foundational nutrition program is the key to sustained energy.  What is foundational, you might ask?  Supplying your body with the 23 most essential vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, and protein daily.  Your cells are made up of those and you are made up of billions of cells.  So doesn’t it make sense if you and I are lagging in energy we simply don’t have enough of the vitamins, minerals, fats, and protein needed to make our bodies work properly?


Sounds simplistic, but it’s true.  Push RESET with me on your energy with the Foundations Regimen.  Or at minimum get on Shaklee Vitalea to cover all 23 nutrients you need and add in your daily protein!


I may sneak in a few Shaklee Energy Chews here and there and swap out coffee for Shaklee Energizing Tea!


3.  RESET Your Hormones

Crazy Cranky Craving Small


I don’t know anyone who does “crazy” well.   After having 4 babies so close together and going through some tough seasons, it’s safe to say my hormones needed a RESET.


If you are using synthetic hormones (or even so called Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy) consider trying to feed your cells what they need to balance itself out on it’s own.  I’ve experienced the power of balancing your hormones naturally after each of my children, after an intense season of grief, and am doing it again after another intense season of change in our family.


It takes us years and 100s of cycles to get out of balanced so know that you won’t magically be back in balance the first week of RESETTING your hormones.  Give it 3-6 (preferably 6) cycles of fueling your body properly to allow your hormones to RESET.


To do a Hormone RESET, follow our 3-2-1 Hormone Balancing Plan.


**Message me for help or talk to the Independent Shaklee distributor who invited you to this site to get started where it is right for you.



The great news is, there is FREE Shipping on any qualifying Member Regimen AND FREE Shaklee Membership if you’re brand new to Shaklee!  Membership is normally a one time $19.95 fee and it gives you 15% off all the products.  Essentially it’s like a lifetime 15% off coupon!  This special will only lasts until Sept. 30!





Since it’s “back to school” time it’s important for us ladies to know that we are all in different seasons, with different “callings” in life and in regards to our kids’ schooling.  Don’t allow whichever path you are on to stop you from pushing RESET for yourself – whether your kids are home with you or in private or public education.


No matter what season you are in, you can always RESET.  It just comes down to making a little space for YOU!




What are you going to RESET in your health for Mommy New Year’s?

I would love to hear in the comments below!



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