Lose 25 Pounds by Doing These 3 Things

//Lose 25 Pounds by Doing These 3 Things



1. Invest in Smart Fitness

Did you know exercise can be intelligent?

Certain activities will actually promote more fat burning than others.  Jogging at a slow and steady pace for an hour will actually burn more fat during while you workout than doing a shorter, sprint style workout will.  However, and this is a BIG however, sprint-type workouts (or burst training) programs your body to burn significantly more fat for 24-36 hours following each workout!

Based on that little scientific fact, which style of exercise would you say is smarter?



2. Invest a Little Time

Anything worth achieving is going to take some time – plain and simple.  But there is no longer a need to spend large amounts of time exercising and you certainly don’t need to feel like it has to consume your life to get results.

Many of us have bought into the fitness lie that longer is better.  We think that if we just drag our workouts on even more we will get better results.

It’s not true.

When you do intelligent exercise or smart fitness like burst training, you only have to invest a few minutes to get a greater fat-burning return.

You may not realize that working out for hours a day may actually be causing damage to your body and thwarting your weight loss efforts.  Long duration exercises releases large amount of cortisol, a hormone that can have damaging effects on your immune system, metabolism, and your body’s overall ability to burn fat.

Our motto is: Less is More (when you do smart fitness, of course!)



3. Invest your Best

In addition to the other two reason, Charlene has lost 25 pounds because she has given it her very best effort on each and every BURSTClub Set.  Our workouts are short and sweet, but when you give it 90-100% of your maximum effort, like Charlene has, the results are astounding!  25 pounds lost and she has built more strength than she’s ever had in her life!


You don’t have to go longer.  Just go harder.  Give it your best and your body truly will do the rest.



Do what Charlene did. Take the “Less is More” challenge and see for yourself how you body will transform, you will burn more fat, and you will build muscle where you didn’t even know you could get it!

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