Look the Other Way!

//Look the Other Way!

It’s hard not to notice those strategically placed magazines in the check-out lines at the grocery store.  From movie stars to famous musicians and other celebrities, our eyes and minds are bombarded with flawless images that portray individuals who appear to be the epitome of external beauty, health, and fitness.  Did you know that simply glancing at those magazines can immediately trigger negative thoughts about your appearance and weight?

Next time you are surrounded by these type images, choose to look the other way.  Find another focus for those few moments.  Don’t compare yourself to doctored-up photos in magazines. Instead, focus on personal goals that will equip you to feel healthy and comfortable in your own skin!  How about a goal to exercise 1-2 times more per week than you currently are?  If time’s an issue – which it is for most of us, check out BURST!  The high intensity, low duration exercise gives you an awesome sense of accomplishment and positions you to experience positive results in your physical body, as well as your mind, emotions, and overall health!

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