Let Go of Supermodel Status

//Let Go of Supermodel Status



This video on YouTube has garnered more than 5 MILLION likes.  The lyrics are powerful, the tune is catchy, and more than anything, I believe  Britt Nicole has captured the essence of what most of us have walked through in our lives and what we desire deep down inside.

Have you noticed how nearly every magazine in the checkout line at the grocery store has a supermodel on the cover, 5 ways to burn fat, and 6 steps to a skinnier you? Who doesn’t notice those strategically placed magazines? I mean, how could you miss them!  They are practically leaping off the rack screaming “Look at me! I’m a super model! And you can be one too – if you follow this one secret.”  From movie stars to famous musicians and other celebrities, our eyes and minds are bombarded with flawless images that portray individuals who appear to be the epitome of external beauty, health, and fitness.   I’m sure you’ve discovered that even a small glance at some of these magazines can immediately trigger negative thoughts about your appearance and weight.

Some of you may choose to purchase and pour over these magazines.   But if you struggle at all with your own body image and where you are at right now on your health and fitness journey, I suggest you choose to simply look the other way.  Find something else to focus on until you are ready to check out.  Talk to your kids, talk to the store clerk….heck, even read a BURSTClub blog or watch your videos for tomorrow’s workout!

Comparison is a cruel game that too many of us play.  I know this game all too well and lived in a constant state of comparing myself to everyone else for years.  This lead down a dark road of an eating disorder and obsession with body image.  So I encourage you – don’t compare yourself to doctored-up photos in magazines.

Instead, focus on personal goals that will equip you to feel healthy and comfortable in your own skin!

That may be easier said than done, but the next time you’re tempted to compare yourself to a super model (who had a lot of help with Photoshop, professional stylists, and a fan blowing on their hair), challenge yourself to set a personal goal that is more about a healthy life.  If you go for the healthy life, your body and shape will follow.

How about eating something alive (or real, whole food) before eating anything else on your plate?  Or how about a goal to exercise 1-2 times more per week than you currently are?  If time is an issue for you BURSTClub has you covered!  The high intensity, low duration burst training exercise gives you an awesome sense of accomplishment and positions you to experience positive results in your physical body, as well as your mind, emotions, and overall health.  You may not be Supermodel Status – but be the best YOU that you can be and know that it’s enough!

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