It's Never to Late to 180 Your Life

//It's Never to Late to 180 Your Life

My transformation has come full circle. Back in the 80’s, I began using Shaklee products for the first time, which led to me starting a Shaklee business.  My wife and I raised our babies on Shaklee products and were extremely pleased with how healthy and happy they were.

Then life took a turn, we moved to another state, and we stopped building the business. Although our family continued the use of Shaklee products over the course of the last 30 years, I slowly began to pack on the pounds due to traveling a lot with my resort business.  Frustrated, seeing my quality of life decrease, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to play with my grandchildren the way that I wanted.

Then I decided return to where I’d come from. Shaklee had changed our life once…I knew it could again. My daughter, Heather Nichol, helped me start the Shaklee 180 program and I followed it exactly.  I began to lose weight at a consistent pace, losing a total of 50 lbs. I went from a size 44 to a 36 pant size and have lowered my cholesterol significantly.

Shaklee 180 has helped me to make a complete weight and health 180, and has also been the key in transforming and reigniting our passion to help others to do the same….just like we did 30 years ago.  As we head into retirement, Shaklee 180 has given my wife and I a second chance on health as well as a second chance at building a future through the Shaklee business alongside of our daughter.  It doesn’t matter what the age…we want to see young and old alike believe in this the way we have for 3 decades.  As Doctor Shaklee himself said, You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

David – Florida

David’s Before & After…donning his 1968 Navy uniform pants


  • You look great and must have lots more energy!! Congratulations!!

    Elizabeth Porreco 11.05.2012
  • Yup! I do agree that it is never to late to transform our life. I brought my family with me in the gym and told my mom and dad that they really need it. I want to be with them longer that’s why I wanted them to be fit. We also serve healthy foods today.

    cath 14.05.2012

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