Is Heavy Metal Poisoning Linked to Autism?

//Is Heavy Metal Poisoning Linked to Autism?

Children Born with Autism:

1 in 10,000 in 1970
1 in 500 in 1980
1 in 150 in 1990
1 in 88 in 2002

Study from the United Kingdom Medical Journal


Today, 10% of all males born in the U.S. are labeled Autistic.  There are over 1 million people in the U.S. with autism.  Some say that we are just better at diagnosing.  Well if this were the case, where are all the people who are 60+ with Autism?  That would mean that there are 3 million people in the U.S. with Autism…a stagering 1 out of every 100 people! This is not the case.


Tragically, this heartbreaking disease is on the rise.  Studies have shown that Autism is not genetic, as so many had previously believed.  The single biggest contributor to the rise in Autism is heavy metal poisoning.  The source of these heavy metals?  Vaccinations.


20 years ago, when I was a kid, there was a total of 20 vaccinations that were administered to children. Today, by the time a child is 6 years old, he has received more than 92 vaccinations!  That is almost 5 times as many!


Vaccinations are manufactured YEARS prior to their administration into a child, thus the need to preserve them with such heavy metals as Mercury and Formaldehyde, among others (see our other blogs on the actual ingredients of vaccinations).


This is where the problem lies.  According to the EPA, the average child can tolerate . 3 micrograms of mercury at a time.  Anything above 10 mcg. is toxic. 


When a child goes in for their routine vaccination, they leave with 129 x the EPA limit of mercury in their body.  At 2 months old, a baby has 12.5 mcg injected in them! 


Many pediatricians will say that Mercury has been removed from vaccinations. However, in 2002, the CDC re-examined the vaccines to see if they were free of mercury, and it had not been removed. That is because mercury is the greatest preservative on the planet.  If the pharmaceutical companies took out the mercury, they would have to give single shots (no more doubling and tripling up diseases that are injected at one times!).  But they will not do this because they will lose millions of dollars. 


And don’t be fooled!  If you are told there is no mercury in the shots but “Thymerisol” is present, it is one and the same…just a different name.


Heavy metals enter the body and lodge in the base of the brain or vital organs. These heavy metals never leave the body unless specifically detoxed through a Heavy Metal Detox and specific diet.  This heavy metal poisoning is being linked to autism.


Seemingly normal children go in for their routine vaccinations and many are never the same. Could this be because of the amount of mercury, and other heavy metals, that quickly lodge themselves in vitals organs or the brain, causing neurological damage?




So what do you do?


  1. Research Available Studies
  2. Look at Alternatives
  3. Know the Facts


I am regularly asked by mom’s how in the world I have gotten away with not vaccinating my children and still putting them in school. They have been told that you cannot go to school without these vaccinations.  I feel this is somewhat manipulative on the part of the pediatrician to state that something is required when in all actuality, it is NOT. 


It is my freedom as an American citizen to do the research and make the decision that I feel is best for my children.  All you have to do if you opt out of vaccinations is go to your local health department, get a vaccination exemption form and turn it in at your school. I made multiple copies so that I didn’t have to keep going back to the health department.


I would recommend knowing what you believe and why though because you might get a lot of grief from people who have not done the same research that you have.  I am OK with some people thinking I am crazy.  The above statistics are enough to make me ask a lot of questions and demand some truthful answers. 


I hope this blog helps you on your own journey of deciding what is right for your family and there is no judgment either way.  It’s a personal choice we all have to make as parents!




Some Places to Start if Your Child has Autism:

  1. Find a good Maximized Living Chiropractor near you and start seeing him immediately. Many ML Chiropractors have seen a 100% turn around in Autism by following their program.
  2. Heavy Metal Detox
  3. Diet change
  4. Supplementation to rebuild and repair damage



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