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Keeping our kids healthy and strong is a top priority in our house.   It is so important in our world of fast or processed foods, busy schedules, and little exercise to make sure our kids are getting the proper nutrients to set them up to have strong immune systems FOR LIFE.


I don’t feel like I had a great start early on.  I lived on canned and boxed foods and little vitamins.  As a result, I struggled with chronic bronchitis, colds, the flu every year, and as an adult much more severe things like fibromyalgia.  I don’t want this for my kids!!  I’m not naive enough to think they won’t ever get sick, but I want my kids to have a better foundation to fight it off naturally and prevent a lot of what I walked through!


No matter how healthy you eat, supplementing our kid’s diets seems to be a “must.”  Between snacks, grandparents sneaking them ice cream (not that this ever happens!), and quick, less-than-nutritious meals every now and then, supplementing is my “insurance policy”!!


I try my best to feed my kids right, but honestly, it just doesn’t always happen!   So this is what I’ve done to fill in the pieces as I teach them to love eating healthy, alive foods.



Tonight’s dinner was topped off with “dessert”–“Apple-Pie” (unsweetened applesauce, mixed with Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein Vanilla and cinnamon).  This is a favorite at our house. The kids LOVE it and usually ask for seconds and I love it because it’s fast and easy!



Micaiah is 6, Eden is 4, and Asher is 19 months.  Each of our kids have been taking Shaklee from the day they came home from the hospital and thankfully they have never been to a doctor at all.


Our two older ones are beginning to understand the value of taking vitamins, so I think that helps them to take ownership and responsibility.  They say, “We need our vitamins to be healthy and strong.”  Kids who have at least of small understanding of how important it is to take care of their bodies so that they live long, healthy lives are more likely to value their health as an adult.  Shaklee has made it easy for us by providing great tasting vitamins and protein shakes specifically designed for little bodies.


Below is a list of what our children take daily for foundational health.  It’s simple to just give them the basics. One amazing thing that I’ve found, as have so many other mom’s who have tried this, is that once you introduce nutrients into their bodies, their tastes change.  I found I had an easier time getting them to eat veggies and the healthy stuff!


Energizing Soy Protein Vanilla

Energizing Soy Protein Chocolate

Incredivites (Children’s Chewable Mulitivitamin)

Chewable Vita-C

Optiflora Probiotic

Mighty Smarts (Omega’s)


**Talk to the Shaklee distributor who invited you to this site to help you get started today on a healthier and better life!



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    Rebekah 16.08.2009

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