I’m a 26 year-old mother of boys, 2 and 5, and a busy restaurant owner.  My 5 year-old had been extremely high strung and full of energy, from early until late.  Everyday situations were hard for him to handle.  He couldn’t focus and would become unruly.  I recently hosted a Healthy Living party and learned we don’t get the vitamins we need.  It’s especially true for my sons who eat either fast food or microwave meals.  I read articles about B Complex, the B-happy vitamin, and decided to try it with my 5 year-old.

I crushed the vitamin and mixed it with my son’s orange juice.  He drank it down without a fuss.  I couldn’t believe the change in his behavior, nor could my parents or my babysitter.  He still has his moments but he’s more at ease, his temperature is much more even, and he handles life situations better.  He no longer lashes out.  I was ready to try doctors and behavior tests.  Thank God I tried B Complex first.  My life is much easier.  My son and I go through the day without arguments.

— Melinda

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