How to Treat Infections Naturally for Kids

//How to Treat Infections Naturally for Kids

There is nothing that grieves a momma’s heart more than seeing her kids sick!  When you’re kids spike a fever, get a cough, runny nose, or sore throat what do you do?


It’s natural to want to rush straight to the doctor’s office, and fill a prescription for an antibiotic.  There is no condemnation here if this is  your typical protocol with a sick child.  If you’re tired of seeing the monthly or yearly cycle continue watch this video to see what antibiotics do to the immune system and how they may be doing more harm than good.


There are some natural ways to supplement your kid’s health, even when they are sick, to help them fight off the sickness naturally.  The more you are consistent with  this, pretty soon you will be like other mom’s I’ve worked with who are elated that the yearly allergies, flu, and colds have disappeared or been reduced drastically!



The Infection “Bomb” for Babies, Kids, & Teenagers

For Young Children

If your child can not swallow tablets or is not an appropriate age to swallow their vitamins yet, use

  • Liqui-Lea
  • Chewable C
  • Garlic Complex
The idea is to keep a constant flow going into the child’s body throughout the day and “bomb” our the infection.



The “Baby Bomb” for a 4 year old would be something like 5 Chewable C and a teaspoon of Liqui-Lea every 2 hours.  For the Garlic, I would crush the tablet, sprinkle it on bread with butter and salt to make garlic toast.


(I would use crushed Shaklee Garlic rather than just regular garlic salt from the grocery store because the Shaklee Garlic will be higher in allicin, the active antibiotic component of garlic.)




For a 23 month old, I’d use 3-4 Chewable C and 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Liqui-Lea every 2 hours.

A few years ago, we had 2 families who both went through the 21 CD program at the same time.  Neither were previous Shaklee users.  Both were large home schooling families that played together regularly, and both mothers gave birth to little boys within 3 days of each other.  At 6 weeks, both little boys came down with the same upper respiratory and nasal infection symptoms.  One family called up and asked what I’d recommend.  I told them if it was my baby I’d begin giving him 1 teaspoon of Liqui-Lea every 2 hours and crush up some Chewable C, mix it with just a little water, and give it to him with a spoon several times a day.  They did that, and the little boy was completely well in 2-3 days.  The other mother was totally medically oriented and didn’t really believe this nutrition stuff, so they went the doctor route.  The doctor put the baby into the hospital for six days and did some kind of high-powered treatments.  When the baby came home after six days, he was really no better.  But the treatments alone cost over $6000, plus the hospital bill and the doctor bill.  And both of the fathers of these families were self-employed construction workers with no medical insurance.  From that point on, the family that had used the Liqui-Lea, any time any of their children ever began to come down with something, always called me up for a bottle of Liqui-Lea!


Also, you can crush the Optiflora caps and mix it into a smashed up banana to feed to young children.


Additionally, you can certainly make the Defend & Resist tea as I describe it in the “Bomb” sheet for young children.  I call this my “Fix-em Up” tea.  When my children were young — and even today — when they feel like they are coming down with a sore throat or something, they’ll say “Dad, I need some Fix-em Up tea!”


Another great way to get a lot of Chewable C into a small child is to make my “Raw Applesauce.”  Take a raw apple.  Peel it and core it.  Cut it into chunks and put the chunks into a blender — or into a large mug and use a hand blender.  Throw in 10-15 Chewable C.  Grind it all up together in the blender.  The vitamin C keeps the raw apple from oxidizing and turning brown.  The flavors of the apple and the Chewable C go together deliciously.  If the apple is a little too tart, you can add a little honey.  If the apple is not very juicy, you may need to add a tablespoon or so of water to help it blend more smoothly.  Most children will love this and gobble it right down.  You can add a little cinnamon to spice it up.  I used to even add some sprinkles to the top to make it look more festive.


A preteen or teen can certainly use the normal bomb.


In fact, about 8 years ago, we had a local family with an 11 year old girl that was virtually bedridden with mononucleosis.  The mother, at the urging of a friend who used Shaklee, called for my recommendation.  I recommended the “Bomb.”  The father, who is a professor in the School of Pharmacy here at UGA, was very skeptical, but they had tried every available medical route to no avail.  She started on the full adult “Bomb” late Thursday evening — and Friday morning she felt well enough to be up running and playing all day at the Home School Field Day.  Her parents were amazed.  Her church saw it as a miracle.


It took about 6 months for her to completely recover, but recover she did.  She used the full “Bomb” for almost 30 days and began to have some diarrhea, so I recommended they begin to gradually cut it back.




Diarrhea indicates vitamin C saturation, which is not a bad thing.  Saturation for a time is exactly what is needed to get rid of the most persistent infections & infestations.  Up to the point of diarrhea, it just shows that the body could still use more!

So if you have diarrhea with the “Bomb,” my recommendation is to continue and put up with the diarrhea (drink plenty of water or Shaklee Performance) for 2-3 days of full saturation.  Then begin to cut back to just below the diarrhea level until you are sure that all vestiges of the infectious agent are killed out.



The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is simply a testimony of an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation.


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