How to Curb Cravings

//How to Curb Cravings


A secret is defined as knowledge kept or reserved for the privileged or initiated.  I don’t like that definition very much when it comes to my hormones!  I want to be one of the privileged who are in the “know” and who possesses the insider secrets to such mysterious things.


Luckily, I am in the know.  And I want to share the secret to curbing your cravings once and for all.   I know because I’ve lived it.


Did you know that the secret to curbing your cravings lies in balancing your hormones?   I’ve talked before about how hormones are made out to be some complicated, mysterious thing that leaves most of us feeling defeated before we’ve started.  I am not trying to make light of an issue that has wreaked havoc on many-a-lady!


However, the solution to balancing our hormones, and thus curbing our cravings, doesn’t have to be reserved for the elite or privileged.


I like to call what many of us ladies experience on a monthly basis the “Crazy Cycle.”  It a cycle that can make you scream at your kids one minute and the next be in a puddle of tears on the floor begging their forgiveness.  This cycle can leave you mentally questioning your stability one day and wonder if maybe just maybe you really do need medication to manage this – only to find that 1, 3, or 5 days later you are soaring on cloud 9 singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song and wondering why in the world you felt so depressed just days earlier.


If you haven’t experienced this cycle you are blessed.   I recently felt the sting of the “low” end of my hormones – leaving me to definitely question if I needed more intense help.  But I realized I hadn’t been doing some of the things I knew to do.


So I’ve been pushing RESET on my hormones.  And here is a simple plan to totally STOP the “Crazy Cycle.”  But first, let me explain what is happening inside of you.


Two of the main nutrients your hormones are made up of are vitamins B and C.   When these vitamins are present and in a healthy dosage, they do many things like help with  your mood, energy level, and immunity.


But another key role these nutrients play is to protect your body from stress.  I know I’m not alone in saying that we women have stress in our lives.  Whether you feel it or not, just by the nature of your womanhood you are juggling a lot of balls that can add unknown stress to your life – and body.


Did you know that 92% of all hospitalizations are self-induced?  And this is largely because of stress-related things.



What 2 main things deplete vitamins B and C in your body?

  • Stress

  • Sugar


When vitamins B and C begin to be depleted because of poor eating or maybe something stressed you out it begins the downhill cycle of more stress, which leads to more depletion, which leads to cravings, which depletes you even more, so you feel even more stressed so what do you do?   EAT JUNK FOOD!  And this crazy cycle keeps going around and around.


It looks something like this…


HealthyOates Crazy Craving Cycle


No wonder some of us feel CRAZY and get on medications – because we feel like we are losing our minds!!


But I have GREAT news for you friend!!!


It’s actually a simple fix and I don’t want it to be a secret anymore.  So I want you to try it on yourself and when it works, share it with as many other ladies as you know are suffering from the silent but oh, so deadly “Crazy Cycle.”


The simplest thing to do is introduce Vitamins B and C into  your diet.  That will make a world of difference in how you feel!


I use Shaklee Sustained Release C and Shaklee B Complex for a couple reasons.


Shaklee Sustained Release Vita-C


Shaklee’s vitamin C is unique.  Your body can only absorb so much vitamin C at a time.  Manufacturers of other brands try to cram pack more C into a pill for you but what you end up with is really expensive pee-pee.   In other words, your body isn’t absorbing it and it just goes straight through you!


Shaklee knows this through years of scientific study and so they develop one of the only sustained release vitamin C’s on the market.  It releases the C slowly over a period of 6 hours – so it is the same as eating 1 1/2 oranges every hour for 6 hours straight!   That is great news for your hormones (and your immune system).  You are getting all of that goodness in you instead of feeding it to the “the John.”


Shaklee B-Complex


B vitamins are another funny vitamin that get interesting, but oftentimes wrong, press.   You will see B 6 and B 12 vitamins line the shelves but the reality is there are 8 B vitamins that are always found together in our food.  When you eat foods with B vitamins, there is never an isolated B but all 8 found together and in the right ratio (6 of them need to be at 100% RDA and 2 need to be at 50% RDA).


Why is this so important?


Your body gets energy from your food using B vitamins.  Each of the 8 Bs. plays a vital role in that 8 step process called the “Krebs Cycle.”   Your hormones are also made up of B vitamins.  Not one in particular, but all 8.  So if you feed your body just one isolated B vitamin versus a complex of all 8 you will create a B imbalance in yoru body and wind up worse off than you started.


Shaklee B Complex is perfectly formulated in the correct ratio and with all 8 B vitamins you need.  To help you with this Stress/Craving Cycle take 2 a day at minimum.


I personally put my B complex on the counter and some in a baggie in my purse and anytime I feel stressed, do something that could cause stress (like an intense time with the kids, speaking publicly, exercise, taking a test, etc.) I will take 2 more.  I even take 2 before bed if it’s been a particularly stressful day.


Protecting your body from the negative effects of stress by fueling it with these 2 key nutrients is my “secret” to curving cravings!  It has helped myself and 100s of other women kick their cravings to the curb.  If you protect your body, it can function properly!



If you feel like you need more in depth hormonal help, check out my complete natural hormone balancing plan.


Do yourself a  HUGE favor too and watch this video to de-mystify womanhood!   I cover weight gain, hormones, and energy in this video from over a decade of helping woman transition to natural solutions and see big results.


For help or to order products, talk to the Independent Shaklee Distributor who invited you to this blog.   If you do not have a Shaklee Distributor, click the links to view our products or email me at

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