How to Burn Fat Faster

//How to Burn Fat Faster

For years the mindset that “longer is better” has been perpetuated where exercise is concerned. In other words, to receive the full benefits of burning fat and calories, as well as building lean muscle, you have to exercise for at least 30 minutes to an hour. But science has proven that the body responds far more to how hard or intense you exercise, as opposed to how long you exercise. Gone are the days of feeling like you HAVE to work out for hours to experience results. B.U.R.S.T workouts position the body to build lean muscle, burn fat, and re-charge the metabolism in far less time.

Sound to good to be true?  It isn’t!  We, along with countless others, have experienced incredible results from implementing this more efficient way of burning fat.  Since time is one of our greatest assets, we want to invest ours wisely.  Why spend hours working out when we can burn fat faster with B.U.R.S.T.?

Check out these pilot study results, which show the efficiency of BURST:

9 Minutes a week for 4 Weeks, 2 Inches Lost and 8 lbs Lost with B.U.R.S.T
Pilot Study – Nashville, TN – 2010

This study examined the 3-Minute B.U.R.S.TCore program and its overall effectiveness. Participants ranged in ages from 24-57. Subjects performed the B.U.R.S.TCore Program and its unique exercises 3 times a week for a total of 9 minutes of actual work per week for each participant. At the end of 4 weeks, subjects lost an average of 2 inches and 8 lbs. of fat from their bodies. This study proves that fat burning and inch loss can take place after very short, burst-type workouts, even if only done 3 days a week.

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