Hosea’s 5th Birthday 2011 (Video)

//Hosea’s 5th Birthday 2011 (Video)

This is a bittersweet time of year for our family.  However, I’ve been praying and looking for ways this year to actually “celebrate” Hosea’s life. It’s easier said than done, when your heart feels sad at times.  But this year we were given several gifts for Hosea’s birthday.   We wanted to share them with you through video rather than just writing it all out!

Thank you to our amazing friends who called, sent texts and Facebook messages, and send gifts of love, remembering with us Hosea’s life.  Zach and Jody Gray, we love you dearly and are honored you spent this special day with us, making us laugh and letting our kids use you for a jungle gym! 🙂

Happy Birthday little buddy!  We love you more than words can say. We are forever changed because of you.

Photo from an IPhone. Taken by Zach Gray of GrayPhotography


  • Thank you so much for sharing this video. Your reliance on the Lord to keep his promises and your willingness to go where he wants you to go and do what he wants you to do is so inspirational! The way you conduct your family and raise your children to follow the Lord is something that I look up to yall for. I am beginning this new step of my life and only hope that when it comes time for me to have a family of my own, I will become a women of God such as you.

    Jessica Beckner 11.04.2011
  • Great Video! Love You Guys!

    Mark Brewer 11.04.2011
  • Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this day with us!!!!

    Jennifer Creasy 13.04.2011
  • Love you guys.

    Zach & Jody 13.04.2011
    • Thank you all! We love you too and thank you for walking the journey with us, each in your own way. xoxo

  • What a beautiful opportunity to share God’s Love. May God bless each birthday!

    Josh n' Kate 20.04.2011
  • Thanks for this post.

    I really appreciated Nathan’s ‘talk’…”I am a son”…it’s so true. 🙂

    You & your family is a blessing. We have ‘one of those days too’…every June 1, for us is a marker day…

    Chris 02.11.2011
    • Chris, I’m sorry about your loss, whatever it was. Marker days can be bittersweet. Thank you for posting!

  • Hi Jenni and Nathan, I 1st saw you at my 1st Shaklee conference this Aug (in WA DC)…I teared up when you were telling your story and did again watching this video. I so love your family’s mission statement told by Jenni, WOW! You both are very inspiring and have helped me think of the loss of our son so differently (he lived 45 days in the NICU – and now is alive in Heaven!). Great words! I am so very sorry for your family’s loss and I Thank you for your inspiration! We were introduced to Shaklee in 2001 while Mike was at Enron…you know how that ended up…and after years of not doing anything somehow found myself in WA DC at the conference that has changed our lives! I became a director in Sept and thanks to watching you and others I am learning that the sky’s the limit!!! I Thank You for sharing your son’s 5th Birthday and God Bless to you all! Jackie

    Jackie Purcell 09.01.2012
  • (I just had to clarify…when I said “after years of not doing anything” I meant not building a Shaklee business…our lives were of course very busy!)

    Jackie Purcell 09.01.2012

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