Help for Teenage Acne

//Help for Teenage Acne

I was wondering what would be good to use for acne. My 11-year old daughter is in puberty and has some acne on her face as well as on the back of her neck. Thanks,





Good to hear from you. This suggestion is great for teenage girls and guys as well as anyone who is struggling with acne!  It has worked for many! This is what we have found to be most effective in order of importance:


1.  Cleanse your face daily with Enfuselle® Purifying Cleansing Gel


2.  Apply the Enfuselle® Acne Clarifying Complex


3.  Take at least a spoonful or two of Liqui-Lea® every day:


Many people have said that Liqui-Lea is the NUMBER ONE most important thing that keeps their skin under control.   There are many different combinations of Shaklee products that you can take/use internally and externally.  There is something about the Liqui-Lea that helps her skin that no other thing or combination of things does.


It is probably because of the extremely bio-available vitamin A content.

Liqui-Lea is not the best tasting, but if you will take it every day, I believe you will see it help.


4.  Take Omega-3 Complex:

We heard a testimony of a young man who has a congenital liver disease and an extreme acne problem.  His mother had been giving him Omega-3 because of his extremely high cholesterol problem caused by the liver disease.  But for some reason she stopped giving it to him.  Coincidentally, he developed a very extreme acne problem — deep pitting and scarring.  She took him multiple times to a dermatologist with very little result.  He got back on the Omega-3 for his liver/cholesterol problem — and immediately his acne began to improve and his skin began to heal dramatically.


Other things that will help:


Drink lots of water.

Avoid foods with a lot of saturated fats — pizza, potato chips, any and all fried foods, etc.




A great internal detoxifier.  I’ve had college girls buy Alfalfa in the past just became it helped keep their skin clear.


Essential Foundation nutrition program


Protein and Vitalizer (or at the very least, the Vita Lea multivitamin)



For the young ladies:


Because there is a direct connection between acne and hormones, keeping a girl’s hormones in balance will also help her skin.  Every young lady needs to be on GLA daily once her monthly cycle begins.  It will not only help her skin, but it will help prevent PMS, as well as all the other much worse hormone imbalance problems that so many young ladies struggle with today (i.e., endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc.).


Menopause Balance Complex


Menopause Balance is a hormone balancer — it is NOT just for menopause.  All young ladies and women benefit from taking it daily.  It too helps prevent PMS and other female hormone imbalance problems — which in turn will help a young ladies skin.  I refer to these as my “happy pills!”



The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is simply a testimony of an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation.


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