Design Your Health & Fitness

A large part of designing your life is thriving in your health and fitness.  We believe in health solutions that are as close to nature as possible and fitness that is simple, effective, and can be maintained as a lifestyle.

One of our biggest passions is to help people live life to the fullest.  It’s difficult to do that when you don’t feel well, lack energy, or are sick all the time.  You were created to do big things in life and you need your health to accomplish those goals!

Having spent nearly two decades helping individuals and families overcome health needs, lose weight, and get fit, we are confident that we can help you reach your goals.  We offer several things to get your health back on target.  We look forward to journeying with you!

Our Health Services


Eating healthy is the first key to regaining energy and living life to the fullest.


We believe fitness should be mobile, save you time, and get you results.


Supplementing your health is the easiest way to start feeling better right away!


One-on-one coaching to give you custom individual & family health plans.

5 ALIVE-ebook Jenni Oates

Healthy Eating

We believe the old adage “you are what you eat.”  So many of us lack energy, carry extra weight, and are sick because we are not fueling our bodies properly.  What we are doing is clearly not working.

Our plan is not weighed down by rules and restrictions; it is free of unhealthy extremes and cuts through the dieting chaos.  The books’ one guiding principle is simple and can be maintained for a lifetime.

5 Alive Nutrition Guide

Shed unwanted pounds & lose inches

Increase energy & feel more ALIVE

Overcome limiting beliefs & gain new, powerful mindsets

Break free of restrictive behaviors associated with dieting

Over 115 recipes; meal plans; grocery lists; & bonus dessert recipes!

Supplement Your Health

Are you full of aches and pains or feeling your age these days?  So much of what we experience in our bodies is due to what we feed, or don’t feed, it.  However, the sad reality is that even if you eat perfectly healthy, our food isn’t what it was just 50 years ago.  Because of our on-the-go lifestyles and sub-par food conditions, supplementing your health is no longer an option…it’s a necessity.  We’ve been transforming lives for over 16 years with custom programs to match their needs, budget, and lifestyle goals.  Let us help you feel good again!

Free Health Consultations

We provide free health consultations to identify your biggest health concerns and goals.  Based on those, we’ll give you recommendations and clear action steps so that you are empowered to take your health back.  These calls are a powerful and simple first step for you to get your health back on track.  These are on a first come first serve basis.

Monthly Classes

We do Essential Oil 101 classes every month to help educate you on the best natural solutions to achieve optimal health and vitality.  Whether you want to regain energy, balance your hormones, deal with digestive issues, eliminate chronic pain, or lose weight, you will walk away from our classes fully equipped to transform your health or body.

Supplement with Essential Oils

Since supplementing  is vital to lay a solid foundation in your health we believe that you should use products straight from nature. We only use products that are pure, free of artificial ingredients, beyond organic, and 3rd party tested.  We follow science, not fads and our essential oils are proven to get you the best results and help you feel amazing!

Ready For That Free 7 Day Detox?

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Simple Fitness

We don’t believe fitness has to be complicated or take hours a day.  In fact, our fitness philosophy is exactly the opposite.  We believe you can get in, go hard, and get results.  And we can prove it.

Did you know that The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article declaring what we’ve been saying for year and what science has shown for decades?  You can get more out of 1 minute of intense exercise than 45 minutes of light to moderate activity.

In 2010, after years of research, development, and collaboration with an Olympic doctor, we created a fitness solution for busy people who want incredible results.  BURSTClub™ workouts are short, effective, and mobile…anytime, anywhere.

We’ve done so much for you; the only thing left for you to do is to get started!

Fat-Burning Fitness for the On-the-Go Lifestyle


BURSTClub™ workouts take 15 minutes from start to finish instead of hours like conventional workouts.


Convenience is our forte. Our workouts can be done anytime, anywhere from any mobile device or computer.


We keep your body from plateauing by changing things up daily; plus, we keep you from getting bored.


Reprogram your metabolism in just minutes a day and get your body’s natural “slimming system” kick started again!


Burst training gets your body burning fat for 24-36 hours after a single workout.


BURSTClub™ workouts get you burning 9x more fat in ¼ of the time conventional cardio workouts.


BURSTTraxx are custom-made music tracks to guide you from start to finish through your workout.


We’ve perfectly paired exercises to increase muscle building and fat burning and coach you on modifications.

I Want to Burn 9x More Fat!

Show Me How.

Learn the secrets to burning fat fast!

Health Design Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with where your health, eating, or fitness level is at?  Get back on track with personal coaching and a custom health plan from Jenni Oates in your home or via Skype.  She will revolutionize your thinking about healthy eating as she equips you with solutions to conquer meal time, empowers you with a clear nutrition plan, does a pantry makeover, and more.  Jenni is known for her creative, time-saving solutions for busy families and her ability to impart hope and confidence that you can do this!